Friday, October 21, 2016

Friends In High I'm Spartacus

Good piece on the landline, but it goes deeper, much deeper.

If anyone would care to visit you'll find an article on there from a chap called Daniel Korski which is a list of reasons why Brexit triumphed leading to the demise of Cameron.

Daniel Korski is a self confessed policy wonk and free marketeer (although quite who is made free has never been clear to me apart from the rich free to pay the poor less), anyhow this chap worked for Cameron in number 10 on policy matters at a senior level.

The second paragraph in his article stated that they (Cameron and the In campaign) used Uber's 'customer' base for propaganda in some way yet explained.

We know from FOI that this chap Korski was on the circulation list of correspondence about Uber from Leon Daniels of TfL and that Leon attended meetings with Korski.

Why is a TfL official copying him in?

We know again from FOI there was significant telephone and email traffic to and from 'Dear Jo' at Uber from Daniels including on a Sunday morning.

These are the facts as we know them.

So we can attempt in a vacuum to join the dots up, we can reasonably speculate that these conversations weren't about inadequate driver checks, non insurance, tax avoidance etc etc and the need to stop this.

Any answers Leon?

We can speculate that that the licensing authority seemed happy to risk the livelihoods and living standards of many thousands of their licensees and endanger the public for someone's short term political gain.

Again Leon, we are not alleging anything just seeking clarity.

It certainly makes the call for a high level parliamentary enquiry essential and to have Korski, Daniels, Bertram and if need be Cameron before the committee.

That is certainly something both us and PH must call for TODAY, this is about democracy, rule of law and the possible subversion of the impartial quasi judicial licensing process, again we allege nothing but we seek the truth.

What of Korski and Cameron?

Cameron has been described as the worst prime minister for a hundred years (that is saying something!) and he is disappearing into well heeled obscurity, but it's the obscurity he won't like but it's well deserved.

Korski remains active, obviously an intelligent chap but on reading his article, he doesn't seem to have the wisdom to truly grasp the dynamics at play and makes the common mistake of politicos blaming the delivery of the message for the failure rather than the fundamental flaw of the message.

We're still here, bloodied but unbowed, we will still be here when the EU, Cameron, Daniels, TfL and  Uber are long forgotten.


We're just much better at our jobs than they are or were!

I'm Spartacus

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