Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Enough Is Enough...Drivers From All Trade Orgs To Support Demo In Blackfriars.

Tribalism has to stop...Its not the colour of the lanyard that matters, it's the badge that hangs from it that should be uniting the trade.

Enough is enough! 

It's alleged that TFL still have people in place from the John Mason regime, people like Leon Daniels and Gareth Emerson. They may have been moved sideways, but you can bet your bottom dollar they are still actively involved in TfL's agenda to cause our trade as many heartaches as possible. We've heard today from the LCDC Twitter feed that they are now ready to take their evidence to the serious fraud squad and the press.

Under the new Mayor's promises, things are not improving as fast as they should be. The new Mayoral team do not appear to understand fully how we as a trade feel right now. 
 • Drivers leaving on masse.
 • Drivers losing their homes, 
 • Drivers have lost their family as relationships break up. 
 • Drivers suffering huge mental health problems caused by stress bought about by this organisation called TFL. 

Reading through the LTDA's paper Taxi, you could be forgiven for thinking that everything is rosy! 

Well it's not.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and tomorrow (13th) the trade will gather outside 230 Blackfriars Road at 12:30pm, to stand shoulder to should, in a protest against all the corrupt practices which have come to light in recent months. 
Flyers have been printed and will be distributed to the public 


alan ridgley said...

8The unity shown by the Hillsborough campaign should set a shinning example of our need for grit & determination to out these scumbags once & for all!��

Anonymous said...

We don't need these people sacked
We need them prosecuted

Anonymous said...

If the LCDC are ready to go to serious fraud squad, then go now.

Anonymous said...

They will be standing looking out of the windows laughing at us' disruption at airports it's easy and it will cause chaos it won't in Blackfriars road I will be there .