Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Destruction by Design? ... By I'm Spartacus.

To absolutely no surprise to the Taxi trade, it's been exposed that not only Private Hire topographical testing is worthless, the medicals are equally so.
As Taxi Drivers, we all can only go to our own GP, why the difference for Private Hire drivers TfL? 

What excuse can there be for endangering the public in this way?

GREED pure and simple.

All this followed up by synthetic outrage from Uber, the very same company that fights every regulation tooth and nail.

We are also expected to swallow that TfL weren't aware of any of this, well if they didn't then it's at best incompetence, at worst a deliberate strategy designed to destroy the world's No1 taxi trade by creating a cesspool as regulation is unenforced as a matter of POLICY!

Well boys and girls if you want something to get behind, it's as follows:

1. An immediate enquiry into TfL and LTPH by the very least an eminent QC, it's relationships with operators, actions and inactions etc etc.

2. Immediate suspension of further PH licensing until a 'fit for purpose' licensing regime is in place after 3 below is conducted

3. An audit of all current licence holders (include us if you need, we ain't got nothing to hide) by an independent certification body (Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas etc.) to international ISO standards with full disclosure of the results.

4. Revocation for any driver that have obtained their licence by fraudulent means and prosecution for fraud do them and their 'aiders and abetters'

5. Revocation and if necessary prosecution for any operator that have encouraged or failed to have shown 'due diligence' in recruiting drivers with bogus documentation.

So then LTPH your 'empire' built on sand has been shown for the shambles we all knew it was.
Recruiting more unwarranted compliance officers is a complete waste of time and money, the will to enforce doesn't exist at TfL.

'Gold standard licensing authority' says your publicity, Fools Gold more like.

'One strike and your out' more PR hogwash.

We ain't going nowhere, you won't destroy us!

Over to you Mr Mayor!

I'm Spartacus. 


Charlie Levy said...

this has got so far out of hand it is downright dangerous you go to work and you take your life in your hands as they drive on the wrong side of the road down one way streets the wrong way and if you say anything you get verbal abuse or they use the race card you are only picking on me because I am a foreigner.

Anonymous said...

TFL...Totally failing London simply not fit for purpose actually a threat to Londoners safety AT WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE??? Surely they need to be investigated they are turning a blind eye on what's going on under there noses..SHAMEFULL!!

Biscuit said...

Stop Press.

A group of Taxi Drivers have had brain scans with entirely negative results, it's believed this rare condition known as Clubitus is confined to a few individuals and is not contagious.

Tony Casey said...

we have to STOP these satellite FAST TRACK Licensing offices ,organised by mini-cab firms all over London.With dodgy doctors and people doing map tests on behalf of new minicab drivers with little or NO written English..TFL must bring the testing under their control....

Anonymous said...

wake up & smell the coffee - tfl aren't going to do anything

they've got a cash-cow in uber, bringing them in fortunes

they're only interested in the, bottom-line ie money

the only way that somehting is going to happen is, when we do something

and that had better be quick, because time is no longer on our side

Anonymous said...

I've got a good idea, let's blame the ybs