Sunday, October 02, 2016

CMT Freedom Solution, Boot Up Bug Jim Thomas


If you have the CMT Freedom solution fitted in your Taxi, you may have had occasions where the system fails to boot up, using the reboot option from the off switch doesn't help.

It's very annoying, as you then have to park up, switch every thing off and wait for the card reader in the rear to go dark. Speaking to other users, this is common. 
CMT have set up a 24/7 number to take card payments over the phone, should your equipment fail completely. Most customers appear not to be too enthusiastic about this option.

I have spoken to CMT and they have sent me a quick fix solution, that doesn't involve parking up, switching off and wasting time. It can be done on the go.

Below is CMT'S solution:

Hi Mr Thomas,

Firstly here's our Out Of Hours number: 0203 608 1341. Their primary roll is to take payments if needed, but they can also advise on technical queries.

Now to the system reset. If your screen is saying 'waiting for communication' there will be a Config button on the bottom right. The other way of reaching this point is by pressing Menu from the Map screen. The process is:

Config (or Configuration)


TaxiLinq (with a blue box by it, situated at the bottom of the screen)

Then choose any of the options and press Reset. Message will read TaxiLinq is being restarted.

Then press Menu, followed by Map. You'll see the 9 icons drop away to 4 and gradually re-establish themselves and turn green with the final icon, which represents the pinpad, the last to go green. If any don't go green it points to where the fault lies.

This resets the communication between every element of the system. In addition to this, ensuring you sign off before powering off the tablet every evening will help the general health of the tablet ... as with all such devices it benefits from being powered off completely.

Hope that's all clear.

Nick, CMT. 

As luck would have it, the night after I receive this email, my system failed to boot up, and so I was able to try the fix. It worked. 

For those of you who find I written instructions confusing, I've made a short video, running through the process. 
Hope this helps. 



Thefat Girl said...

I have had a Verifone system fitted to my cab for over 5 years and rebooting is a way of life, I either have to turn off and wait until everything goes dark or with the engine running take out the fuse by the battery. They call this progress!

Russell smith said...

If this is case that veriphone CMT credit facilities do not function properly on a regular basis, how is it that TFL in there infinite wisdom can approve this equipment as approved & fit for purpose then demand that taxi drivers should stop working because the failure of equipment.
I have to say I have been using cabapp since it was on the market & has processed every transaction easily under two minutes without fail with email reciept facility.

Anonymous said...

I've never had any problems with my little hand-held Izettle Card-reader

Super Bob said...

The amount on "on" time these things have in relation to "usage time" will no doubt shorten their lifespan and cause problems. Its like leaving the light on 24hrs in a room you only enter twice a day for a few seconds. It's better to NOT hard-wire them into the cab electrics, and only turn them on when needed. That would be on average twice a day for me :(

CMT said...

Very nice video Jim!

Just to confirm we have released a software update that will solve the 'waiting for communication' issue that some drivers, such as yourself, have been experiencing. Please keep an eye out for it as this should make the process described and displayed in your blog post unnecessary.

Further to that we always recommend that drivers 'Sign Off' before powering off their tablet when they finish work. Simply put it is better for the operation of the system.

Kind regards,