Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Quick Break From The Normal Gloom And Doom......The Italian I'm Spartacus.

Here we are folks at Naples airport.
Everywhere posters for the fixed price scheme into town.

Its popular with drivers and riders alike and ALL the work goes in cabs.

For those concerned about the age limit, above is an open top cab in Capri, looks great, a 
proper Cabriolet.

Any sign of U know who? 
Not a sniff, Italian licensing authorities support their drivers.

Anyhow, see the poster and orgs and Unions please?

Report soon from the Balkans.

I'm Spartacus 



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Anonymous said...

Not a single question answered. Responded to, but not answered. It's funny how he can do nothing because of two ongoing court cases yet Boris managed to carry on while court cases were in progress. Stalling for time. There is a change in the law coming, and it will not be to taxi driver's benefit. We are in a fight, and hesitating just gives the opposition time to increase there numbers and arsenal. Hesitate and you risk waiting until it is too late to act.