Monday, September 05, 2016

Why Are TfLTPH Covering Up The Decision Not To Revoke Mohammed Dalim's Licence?

On Thursday (August 25th) at Highbury Magistrates Court, Uber driver Mohammed Dalim was found guilty by District Judge Nicholas Rimmer of One count of assault by beating.

Dalim was fined £680 Court costs and £200 compensation to Jon Cox, the Taxi driver Dalim he punched in the back of the head knocking him to the ground, at Kings Cross on 23rd March, this year. 

Dalim was given a one year suspended sentence and also ordered to serve 150 unpaid hours of work by 27 August 2017.

It's been noticed that Mohammed Dalim is still recorded on the TfL Private Hire Licence Checker under the licence 188162. 

Taxi Leaks editor Jim Thomas (using his own and Taxi Leaks Twitter accounts) decided to ask @TfLTPH, if this was an oversight or even if Dalim had allowed to retained his PH licence after the criminal conviction of assault on a London licensed Taxi Driver. 

An easy enough question you would think!

TfLTPH ignored the question, so Jim asked again, and again and again. 
He even addressed the question directly to General Manager Helen Chapman. 
As of today, Jim has asked (the same question) 62 times. Each time, Jim's questions have been ignored, by Helen Chapman and staff at TfLTPH.

Questions now need answering are: 
Why have Jim's question been ignored?
What are TfL trying to hide?
Are TfL too scared of Uber, to revoke one of their driver licence?
What makes Mr Dalim's case different from any other criminal assault case?
Would TfL have threaded the Taxi driver in the same way had the assault happened in reverse?

The most important question of all:
By their action (or indeed inaction), have TfL given Private Hire drivers the green light to assault licensed Taxi drivers in any confrontation?

This must be looked at by our representative orgs. 
This case in line with the recent exposure of the dangers associated with the fitment of PEDs in all taxis , calls into question TfLs fitness to be a licensing authority.


Chrissie1943 said...

This is outrageous!

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Leon,

Jo has told me to get in touch, it's obviously OK to assault Taxi Drivers so can you now email all PH drivers so they know Taxi drivers are fair game?

Thanks for you continued support and let's get those cab drivers off the streets eh?


Anonymous said...

why aren't these assholes being sacked for dereliction of duty?

Anonymous said...

I'll ask Taxi Leaks again... This is the second time and I have got 60 more goes before Taxi Leaks equals Helen Chapmans failure to answer:

What was Cox doing out of his cab? And did he do or say anything to provoke the aggressor?

Editorial said...

Anon 1:06
John Cox got out the Taxi to inspect the damage after the Uber driver had scuffed the side of his vehicle that was waiting on the Taxi rank.
The Uber driver got out of his vehicle and attacked John from behind, while he was bending over looking at the scratches.
The attack was violent and John was knocked to the floor
A police officer who was close by, ran over and arrested the Uberdriver who was handcuffed and taken away
The whole incident was captured on CCTV which was used in court to convict.

Hope this is what you wanted to hear.
If you need anything else just let me know

Jim Thomas

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply concerning John Cox. If you had a modicum of journalistic experience you would have invluded the paraphrase in your blog post for greater clarity. #dimwit

Editorial said...

Anon, 11:32
Thank you for your critique.
You should address this to the author of the piece who attended the hearing at Higbury Magistrates court.
Taxi Leaks posted the article as it came in. We did not change any of the text or add to it as we wasn't there and didn't want to give trolls like you bullets.

When posting articles from third parties, it is not the practise of Taxi Leaks to alter or paraphrase.
Thank you for your neither anonimous comment. Your opinion probably means a lot to some one somewhere. #keyboardwarrior

Dutchypot said...