Monday, September 19, 2016

Uber Cashing In On Bomb Explosion, Charging Double To Take Terrified New Yorkers Home

TRAUMATISED families caught up in the New York bomb blast have accused Uber of cashing in on the tragedy by charging almost double to take them home.

Furious passengers have taken to social media to slam the taxi firm in the wake of the blast that killed one person and left 24 injured in the Manhattan area of the city.

COME ON @Uber ???? 1.8 surge pricing after explosion in #Chelsea? I'm disgusted. People are trying to get home safe. Shame on you #DeleteApp

— Jessica Keenan Wynn (@JessicaKWynn) September 18, 2016

My $11 usual ride home to #Chelseafrom Midtown Manhattan was $32 thanks to surge pricing from @Ubercause of #ChelseaExplosion thanks

— Wally A. (@whatiswally) September 18, 2016

This is true. My family and I were out in Manhattan and many of our train lines were closed. Uber prices surged up.

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) September 18, 2016

Uber reportedly charged between 1.4 and 3 times the standard fare with one city worker saying he had to pay twice as much as usual.

Mortgage broker Nick Lalli said: “Just trying to get home from the city and Uber f****** doubled the surge price.”

Another Twitter user said: “My $11 usual ride home to Chelsea from Midtown Manhattan was $32 thanks to surge pricing from Uber because of the Chelsea explosion, thanks.”

With authorities turning a blind eye to Uber cars parked up all over the capital, how long before the scenario below, is a stark reality?


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Chrissie1943 said...

Many of us have warned about the danger of this illegal parking outside of rail stations and sometimes airports by drivers who often haven't had security clearance or friends who aren't licensed. It's a nightmare waiting to happen but
our security services don't seem to care!