Tuesday, September 27, 2016

TfL's Ministry Of Misinformation... Keep Calm And Tell Them Nothing. by......Jim Thomas.

Over the last few years, TfL have continued to drag their feet when asked to publish the Private Hire related serious sexual assault and rape statistics. 

Their webpage- where these figures should be found -has been cleansed of actual numbers and replaced by manipulated percentages, giving a false perception to the travelling public, that the attacks are on the wain. 

This is not the case seen in statistics released by the Met Police, acquired by freedom of information requests. 

Their webpage announces that TfL publish the official Met Police statistics for sexual offences on an annual basis...BUT WHERE?

Their webpage has been systematically cleansed of actual numbers. 

After an official FOI request, TfL stated they would release the figures for 2015-2016 by the 20th of September. That deadline has come and gone. 

After multiple requests from multiple drivers on social media, TfL say they are still finalising the figures. 

Taxi Leaks made 65 requests on Twitter before we got this non answer. 

After more requests from drivers over the last week, TfLTPH have posted this announcement. 

But going to the page on the TfL website shows no figures have been released. In fact, they haven't released the statistics for 2014-15. 

Notice that every other category on this page gives actual numbers of arrests, stops, checks etc, except sexual offences which just gives percentages. 

Below, is the actual wording in respect of the rape statistics, on the webpage the link above sends you to 

Sexual offences 

We publish the official Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) figure of the total number of confirmed taxi and private hire related sexual offences on an annual basis. The MPS is unable to provide a definitive breakdown by type of vehicle for reporting purposes. It is not always possible to determine whether these offences were committed by unlicensed or licensed taxi and private hire drivers or any details of how the victims were approached. The specific details regarding the offender's characteristic in each case are often not clarified until the investigation of each allegation is complete, and in a significant number of offences, the profile of the suspect is never confirmed and remains unknown.

The following are official crime figures from the MPS:

2012/13 - Taxi and private hire related sexual offences were over 30% lower than in 2002/03. The number of rape offences almost halved over the same period.


2013/14 - Taxi and private hire related sexual offences fell by 15% compared to 2012/13, with rape offences down 30%.

2014/15 - This data will be available later this year.


Anotverywellknowncynic said...

This is the actual FOI request due on the 20th that hasn't been honoured.

Please provide details of the amount of recorded serious sexual assaults perpetrated by Private Hire drivers from Jan 2013 to the present time.

'Details' should be interpreted as comprehensive, statistical and informative data that can be collated into useful categories.
They are to be used in future prevention after all or what's the purpose of them?

Anonymous said...

Licenced Taxis need to be COMPLTELTY separated from Private Hire

Anonymous said...

Maybe the number are so high they are still counting them up.

Tony Casey said...

A Complaint to the information commissioner may move TFL along .
We are entitled to know how passengers have been assaulted in private hire cars in
London in the last 12 months...

Anotverywellknowncynic said...

An Internal Review is the next step before contacting the Information Commissioner's Office.
It's already under way.👍