Monday, September 05, 2016

#NOMORE....... BACK TO THE Dads Defending Daughters.

The Licensed London Taxi trade wish to disassociate themselves from Transport for London.

They want demarcation from Private Hire, and a governing body that puts Londoners before profits.


Stationary vehicles pollute the whole of London, due to insane road schemes and a Cycle Superhighway carved out for speed rather than safety.

Empty buses, due to Londoners realising they can walk faster than the stationary traffic.

Bus companies getting paid to deploy far more vehicles than is needed, in 'The Great London Bus Scam', adding to London's polluted congestion.

Pedestrians, passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists, car and commercial driver's being killed or seriously injured on a daily basis by ill equipped bus drivers, poorly trained on the cheap, by TfL backed private enterprise.

Tubes packed like sardines, because the roads above are no longer a viable option.

Southeastern Trains consistently scoring lowest on the 'national passenger-satisfaction' list.

Trains constantly cancelled and delayed, with people being forced to return home, after hours of waiting in vain.

TfL overloading London, by issuing 600 minicab licences every single week of the year, onto a system already burgeoning from empty buses and an enormous CSH, to appease their partners in crime, and reap the financial benefits of over £300 per license.

TfL created a huge polluted and suffocating car park, by appeasing cyclists, who make up around ten percent of London's population.
What about the other ninety percent?
What about those politically insignificant road users, abandoned by TfL and the Mayor, amid the chaos and utter misery, who are trapped on wrong side of the CSH?
Cycle deaths per year, although tragic, do not compare to the tens of thousands choking and dying from Britain's polluted capital.


 • TfL are placing Londoners in danger by failing to execute thorough background checks on minicab drivers.
Drivers undergo a watered down CRB, known as a DBS, where foreign nationals are allowed to bypass checks by producing a letter of good conduct.

 • TfL stubbornly refuse to inform Londoners about minicab rape and sexual abuse statistics – there are at least a thousand victims per year.

 • TfL allow mincabs to be driven by drivers who have never passed a DVLA driving test.

 • TfL refuse to release proper statistics defining the astonishing amount of minicab Road Traffic Accidents.

 • TfL refuse to release 'death attributed to buses' statistics - on average, a bus is involved in a KSI every day.

 • Under threat of immediate License revocation, TfL insist upon forcing lone Taxi drivers to chose between getting in the back of a Taxi with a potential predator, and foregoing the fare; due to TfL's new draconian payment mandate.

 • TfL have cut Taxi driver's earnings by up to five percent, on all card transactions - not affording drivers the same rights of work practice TfL use.

 • TfL allowed minicabs to carry fare paying passengers without insurance.

 • TfL and the Metropolitan Police are complicit in allowing minicabs to carry on working whilst uninsured.

 • TfL brazenly admit they allowed minicabs carte blanche, to work uninsured for years.

 • A senior TfL executive publicly lied to the GLA, about on-off insurance, in order to assist Uber.

 • A senior TfL executive fabricated the existence of an Uber landline, in a failed bid to hoodwink the GLA.
Incredulously, the GLA responded by taking no action.


The Garden Bridge scandal, where allegations of 'malfeasance in public office', is being investigated.
Isabel Dedring, Deputy Mayor for Transport at the time, now works for Arup, the company who procured the £175m GardenBridge contract.

TfL executives have indulged in unmonitored, 'out of office' meetings with Uber executives.

TfL executives have convened unminuted, off the record meetings with Uber.

At least one TfL executive is guilty of tutoring Uber, on how to evade regulation.

TfL executives have paid themselves exorbitant bonuses, out of public money, for absolute failure.
London's Transport Committee found TfL "not fit for purpose" and "woefully inadequate". Yet the tide of bonuses keep flowing upstream.

A senior TfL executive has been reported by forty five staff members, for sexual harassment and bullying.

A TfL executive was rewarded with a promotion, even after indiscretions such as using Londoner's hard earned money to pay a prostitute via an Oyster card.

TfL is driving legitimate, law abiding Private Hire companies out of business, by favouring and failing to regulate TfL partners, Uber.

TfL are harassing Taxi drivers for minor misdemeanours, such as no ‘No Smoking’ signs, whilst allowing minicabs to illegally ply-for-hire on Taxi ranks, red routes and station forecourts.

TfL twinned with FIFA


Alan Wicker said...

we know ALL of this

we keep reading ALL of this

words & lengthy postings, won't stop our takings, spiraling, DOWN & DOWN & DOWN & DOWN

if our Trade is to survive, the time for words, is now over, we must have ACTION NOW

the massive tfl Taxi & private hire budget, that has tens of thousands of pounds (incidentally, what is the total budget?), being paid out in the, gravy-train, salaries, of utter cretins, must be given over to the MET

with this massive amount of money, pouring into their coffers, I'm sure that the MET, will be only too pleased, to take over the reins once more and turn ALL of this, into ACTION & not just words?

Anonymous said...

Great posting, all the content is totally agreeable except the part to be returned to the control of the Metropolitan Police Service, which simply cannot occur because they are now part of a political set-up governed by the Mayors office (The GLA) who TFL are also responsible to, therefore it would only really be a name change and nothing else, and you can see how we get on with Hogan How.. god help us if he were in charge of us!

The real difference would likely be made if The London Taxi Trade were devolved from the control of GLA and returned to the Department of Transport (central government) although no longer under the Assistant commissioner of the met as we were in the past but a new created government appointee in that office, as it is clear all previous mayors we have had so far have continued on the same path... that being our demise and abandonment of our own parliamentary created statutes, Livingstone & Johnson just gave us over to highly paid employees of a branch organisation (TFL) to do as they please with us, and that is exactly what is happening today.

We still say things now would never have happened today if the met were still running the show, yes.... that was true way back when, but the Commissioner And assistant commissioner are now appointed by the GLA, and our centralized office now (TFL) are only used to dealing with employees which we are not, but try to treat us as we are.

We, as self employed qualified sole traders have complied with the strict and highly qualified rules of qualification and pay a license fee for the privilege, that fee should be sufficient to run a singular Taxi licensing department and pay for un politicized staff to ensure the whole licensing procedure is running smoothly, but this is far from reality, take as one long ongoing example, the DBS 4 month re-licensing debarcle...and now the card processing fiasco dreadful,.. yet no one is held responsible this, why is that?

We are paying our fees and complying to all the statutes laid out by under our license legislature of obligations but we receive constant inefficiencies and abuse from a body we all contribute into financially, so as we are paying good money we fully expect our office To be run competently, with diligence and respect, just as we are expected to by our passengers, but as this far from happening at TFL this must be addressed with as soon as possible, TFL is a accountable body is not voted in but simply filled with employees who can be fired, and its removal from us, 25000 dissatisfied self employed license fee payers is long overdue.

Complain to your union, GLA member, MP, things must change.

Be Lucky

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)

Anonymous said...

To be honest the horse has already bolted,it's politically globally motivated to remove the driver taxi trade, and make way for driverless transport for a cleaner less congested cities globally..UBER is the link the government hoped for get the consumer base and to eventually transfer those consumers into driverless cabs resulting in 10s of thousands of loss jobs! You need to asked why are all these cabbie apps now being financed by car manufacturers ? Uber- Toyota ..Gett - VW- and Hailo- Mercedes? It's the platform for the future minus the driver, all well and good but what about the 100,000 drivers out of work and looking for employment ? Congratulations techno buffs, it's another fine mess you've got us into.

Anonymous said...

Same ole bollocks different day.
Until we get together throw them out and that lot up taxi house
It's the usual shit.
Grow some bollocks it's starting to be emdarrasing sitting back while every scumbag gets off the boat straight into a minicab.
If that wasn't enough there now sexually assaulting our women folk and getting away with it.
Until you want to get militants in a big way you may aswell keep quiet.
This trade is a fucking embarrisment to any self respecting male.
Mind you there ain't that many of us 25000 cabs 24500 tossers.
Chris hill.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I can read your unambiguous points surrounding driver less vehicles (people carrying in this case)

In a recent story published in a gold top British newspaper, the american HGV industry has equated the loss of its lorries (by driver less means) which are also being prototyped in the US right now.

The total jobless knock on effect on employment losses that industry potentially faces will be millions by way of jobs lost in roadside diners, filling stations and all the service connected industries set up to service the transportation of goods right across america... and very importantly taxes by a higher rate than corporations ever are likely to pay.. and the benefactors of those losses in simple financial terms... are the large corporations who have invested in getting tighter margins of profits however they can... at government tax loss

Taxi transportation (in london) relies on expertise, and that very important fact & means something entirely different because it cannot be computerised, and sat nav private hire drivers prove that case for us, and uber is an identical private hire means except they connect the passenger with sat nav driver.

Basic reality mean, Computer controlled vehicles are at the mercy of us (knowledgable humans) & we can & will run rings around them...(unless prevented by statute or demoralised by intimidatory inferiority)

So if the corporations really think they have a better driver less & brainless system to drive passengers around our capital than one operated by the human brain... which incidentally invented the computer to which they will entirely rely on.. bring it on, but make they better make sure the vehicles have James bond type machine guns on the front of these vehicles... as they are going to need them!

Be Lucky

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)