Thursday, September 15, 2016 London Taxi Driver’s Increased Risk Of Attack



I just started the petition " London Taxi Driver’s Increase risk off Attack" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.


My goal is to reach 100 signatures and I need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:





We the undersigned call on the Mayor of London to reverse the decision taken by London Taxi & Private Hire Department / TFL to locate all credit/debit card readers in the back of Taxis. 

We feel this policy is flawed, as this places the Taxi Drivers at a greater risk of physical and sexual attacks than currently present with the possibility of false allegations being made. 

As Taxi Drivers, we have been informed that we must give assistance when required by customers when using the debit/credit card reader in the passenger compartment of the Taxi.

I believe that the location of the card reader should be left to the Taxi Driver to decide and if they want a fixed or mobile card reader unit it should be the Taxi Drivers, themselves to make that decision. 

Currently we have no choice about the location and no choice about a fixed or mobile card reader unit which can be handed over. 

Any Taxi Driver who does not comply with London Taxi & Private Hire / TFL instructions above have been threaten with having their Taxi License firstly suspended and then revoked making the Taxi Driver unemployed. I feel this is unreasonable of any responsible Regulator to act in such a manner without having due regard for Taxi Driver Health and Safety.

London Taxi & Private Hire / TFL state “As long as the driver can demonstrate the following, they will be permitted to continue working:

The driver can provide written evidence from a card payment system provider that the taxi is booked in to have a device (or cradle for a handheld device) fitted in the passenger compartment of the taxi".

Will you join me by signing the petition and let’s keep Taxi Drivers safe.

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Anonymous said...

Badly worded. It reads like taxi drivers are increasing the risk of the public being attacked.