Monday, September 19, 2016

Mayfair Mob : Doing What They Do Best, Getting The Job Done... By Jim Thomas

Marshals on Taxi ranks, that have no power to keep the rank clear of touts and parked cars....unless they are going to do the job properly, what's the point ?
It's no good just standing there drinking coffee and chatting.

Over the last few weekends, the LTDA have been placing marshals at popular Taxi ranks. Looking at the @TheLTDA Twitter feed, they now put out little else.

Occasionally supported by the AddVan, they  tweet every few minutes in what appears to be a massive PR exercise. 

But the problem is, with little to no training, no power, no official support, the whole exercise has become some what embarrassing for them.

Saturday night saw Hakkasan's Taxi rank in Bruton Street, completely lost to touts while LTDA Marshals stood in attendance, not knowing what to do next. Same thing happened when they decided to moved round to Nobu's rank in Berkeley Street.

Last night, the Mayfair Mob showed the trade how it can be done properly. 

Just before midnight, a general tweet exclaimed that Hakkasan's  rank had been over run. 

I was the first cab to arrive and parked opposite. Camera in hand, I approached the cars with roundels and explained TfL had told me to ask them to move, but if they refused, to photograph their vehicles and send details to the @TfLTPH Twitter account which (they claim) is monitored over night by compliance. 

Others Taxis from the Mayfair Mob soon followed, to provided back up.

Most of the PHVs moved immediately, claiming they had only stopped there as the signage is confusing and the rank has no road markings. 

Obviously the odd car, having nothing to fear from LTPH, refused to move. But by making a 101 call in the presence of the driver saying, the old bill are on their way, they don't normally hang about too long.
It took less than 10 minutes to clear the rank and for the rest of the evening Taxis were able to service.

This is what the Mayfair Mob do, not just for photo opportunities, but every night! .... and for free. 


Graham Harrison said...

Satellite office s
Were a massive
Ok for touting
When introduced...
They are touting
Not pre booked...
Invalidating insurance
The beginning of the end
Years ago....

Anonymous said...

Well said Graham ��

Anonymous said...

A massive ok for Plying for Hire !

And not a word in anger from the LTDA LCDC UNITE AND THE RMT


Anonymous said...

DDD o the way soon

Mannie said...

Does the forge have a sat satellite office saw clip board Johnny there last sat eve. Handing jobs to phv.

Anonymous said...

A complete waste of time having them at Victoria Stn nightly, as they only allow 3 -4 cabs at a time , and then shout/ tweet when the train arrives.

Tony B said...

Yes the Forge does have a Sat Office, although it doesn't stop the guy who mans it from touting at the front door.

PB said...

Anon 815 if you got behind defining Plying for Hire rather than just posting abuse at some who do then that might be more constructive.