Friday, September 09, 2016

Letter To Taxi Leaks : Taxi Drivers need to file complaints with London Travel Watch, who may in turn influence the Mayor

This organisation receives more than £1 million a year in taxpayers money and their job is to hold TFL to account for their decisions and policies, which includes buses, taxis, PH and cycling.

It seems that they are not doing their job; yet more wasted public money!


London TravelWatch is the independent, statutory watchdog for transport users in and around London. Funded by the London Assembly, we speak for all London transport users on all modes of transport. We look into complaints from people unhappy with the response they have received from their transport provider.  We want to see the best journey experience possible for everyone travelling in and around London.


If they ‘’want to see the best journey experience possible for everyone travelling’’ then surely they should do something about the hundreds of empty buses, the badly designed Cycle Super Highways which did not comply with the planning process or the issuance of tens of thousands of unregulated Uber licenses , all of which are causing massive congestion and air pollution

Dave Davies. 

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