Thursday, September 15, 2016

Letter To Taxi Leaks : Stop The Slagging Off And Work Together. Enough's Enough.

Hi Jim

I saw this posted by Lee Shepherd on social media earlier and I truly believe this needs a bigger audience. If you can, could you publish on Taxi a Leaks as I think this one post certainly puts across the way most of us ordinary drivers feel. 

We are sick and tired of our orgs bashing away at each other, it's got to stop if we are to have any chance of surviving. 

Be lucky 
Chris Murphy 

Morning all ! 
As someone who is working hard to raise the image, profile & perception of our great trade, through social media & other channels of advertising, it saddens me to see our very own trade representatives publicly arguing on social media about trade matters. Especially under the banner of their very own org, club, association, group etc. 

You are our trades representatives ! You are supposed to be the leaders of upholding & setting the standards of our trade ! Representing the image of everything to do with our service !

What you put on social media between yourselves is not for the world to see ! These issues should be spoken about behind closed doors and should include every single representative of our trade in discussing what is the best action to take for our trade as a whole, & not what's best for your own independent org etc in points scoring ! 

You all represent the very same ONE TRADE ! 
Start working together & help our points & views make a unified impact  & reflect the professional image that our 360 year history deserves. 

You set the standards of representing each & every Driver within our trade ! 
Raise your standards & think about the image the public are perceiving from you as our representatives. 
Enough is enough !

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Anonymous said...

It's what 50p a day buys you.
Social media is the trades orange box; it used to be the forums.
Hand bagging each other is nothing new to cab drivers - in fact some could be world chapions if it ever gets recognised as a sport.
Over inflated egoes, and heads that no longer fit through doorways.
Unfortunately, they're all big heads with something to prove -
representation is the last thing on their minds!