Thursday, September 01, 2016

Letter To Taxi Leaks : The Path Of Least Lee Ward.


How about the London PHV get the same treatment as most of the other PHV up and down the country?

We are licensed to strict conditions, we have a plate in the rear and not a window sticker, we have insurance for the full plate term, we lose our license for plying for hire.

Around the country we are regulated just as strictly as the London Cabs and accept this because its what is needed for the industry.

If Transport for London are scared to upset the PC bregade on what they require for a license, then put conditions on the vehicle. 
I doubt General Motors would kick up a fuss.

Stop being half pregnant and get a policy in place like Sheffield, Leeds or Birmingham... 
Then see how many flock to get a car licensed.

Remember, there's no law on human rights with vehicles!
So make that the target with least resistance. 

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Eddie L said...

Too bloody true and just wait till you see what they are now lining up under the guise of improving the tourist experience and boost the tourist trade. What it amounts too is virtual deregulation of the Private Hire Trade. no licences for operators, drivers or vehicles.