Thursday, September 22, 2016

Is the tail wagging the dog? A Message From The UCG To Helen Chapman.

Taxi Leaks Editorial Comment :

Strong words from UCG vice chairman Trevor Merralls.

This is exactly what the drivers want to hear.

But we also want to hear this from all our representative orgs who take our hard earned money in subscriptions.

All this crap we've had about Credit Cards and where to site the PED reader, is not for anyone's benefit, it's been hyped up to keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves, while Uber's Licence is renewed with as little fuss early next year. 

And it's working extremely well...

The trade can no longer afford to sit back and wait, the trade needs to fight. 

We want our orgs united in this fight....and to fight for us the drivers. 

No longer fighting each other for a place at the engagement table or a seat on TfL's board. This tribal mentality has bought us to the jaws of defeat, and it needs to stop before we are wiped out completely.

We want a public inquiry, and we want it now. 

An inquiry into Uber's cozy relationship with certain TfL officials. Plus, let's not forget the damage that was done by the ones who have moved on.

We want these people bought to justice and yes, we want this NOW. 


Jim Thomas.


Dizzy said...

Whoever says anything is a "done deal" should be taken out the back and shot!

Anonymous said...

I for one agree, there is far too many distractions that divides London Taxi Orgs and a more harmonious and singular approach should always be attempted, but in many cases this will never ever happen because of TFL's deliberate attitude to choose preferred "seniority org levels " over other orgs, and that is a worrying ploy which will always create a division of divide & rule mentality, a less beneficial taxi trade deal and distrust amongst all other involved representative groups however big or small especially with the recent "done deal" card processing mandate as an ignominious failure in the clearest terms of safety or under UK law by either uk/consumer law, laws of statutory legal acceptance regulations or legal tender, none of which this mandate can be enforced by excepting vehicular licensing, so if you choose to only accept card payment by your own terms that is your unambiguous legal option regardless to what TFL has forcibly fitted in the licensed vehicle.

The Uber file is slowly but surely opening wide enough notably on those who have benefited 'in kind' or corporate means and have clearly assisted the shaded licensing route of this organisation through coy arguments of un-chartered or unclear laws that currently surround private licensing will who will always need to evaluate the personal financial benefit of doing so particularly in TFLs own financial structured
workings. It is patently clear how TFL has muddied the water on its own rules of private hire licensing requirement laws by its own massively increased financial income beneficial to a point which is corruptive by self interests and individuals who by making completely off the cuff promotional statements (like creating a separate Uber licensing department within TFL) should clear this up in explaining why this is happening as all private hire licences should be treated exactly the same and the waiting list will simply get longer in time as more private hire drivers overwhelm the system or TFL's apparent concerns of revenue losses on worrying about potential drivers changing their minds if queue or time takes too long and get a proper job as that is precisely why they shunned the Knowledge for a short cut in the first place!

Seriously though,
If anyone out there is awaiting Taxi re-licensing they will now see a meltdown in taxi re-licensing times, and the already current and wholly ridiculous 4 month pre-application time requested by TFL is now looking more like 5-6 months and the complete link with the overwhelming flood of licensing requests by new private hire (uber) applications overwhelming the whole system is entirely to blame, but as usual TFL blame their third party CRB record checking agencies & also the police, but I completely blame TFL by corruptive greed over a tried system which is now overwhelmed by the sheer weight new previously unknown private hire 'fast tracked' applicants who require the deepest of checks made about them which is making our own 3 yearly licensing checks crash & burn under strain which now takes such a hopelessly long and over due time, I have never in all the years I have continually re-licensed myself never had the current license expire whilst I waited, but this year it will do so..... but I promised myself I will not lose a single day off work if it does, It is completely and entirely TFL's greedy fault and I will see them in court if they choose to go that route, as 4 months pre notice application is already to long as it is, and if you are 6 months away from re-licensing ..... Ring them up NOW and request a renewal form and if they argue you are early point out their own created "temporary license list" which is getting longer as we speak simply because the are not fulfilling the unspecified 4 month application times they are currently not adhering to.

Be Lucky

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)

Alan Wicker said...

here's a repeat of a COMMENT that I made a couple of weeks ago:

I think you'll find that, there's now, no such thing as a CRB check

it's now called: a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service), check, which only applies, if you've a record, that can be checked ie you are not an immigrant

all they need is, a scrap of paper from uncle Tom Cobley, back home

plse see: