Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm Spartacus Tells TfL, "Be You Ever So High...The Law Is Above You"

I am getting RSI, blogging, tweeting, speaking and writing to M.P.'s GLA members, Mayors etc etc, about the need for an enquiry into TfL over this and many years.

I see Margaret Hodge is looking into the Garden Bridge, well that's good but it's small beer compare to what's gone on at TfL : Cable Car, CSH, Bow Roundabout, Oxford Street's empty buses, Ubergate, Badgegate, Cash for renewals gate, engagement policygate, war criminals driving PH gate and Dear Jo'gate, etc etc

It's a big list of gates and I am thinking that's the "TfL master plan" plan....If there so much on the 'matters arising' on TfL no one will come near.

Be sure we ain't giving up taking them gates off the hinges, Windsor House!

     'Be you ever so high, the law is above you'

So there we are up at TfL for awarding of the world famous Green Badge, well done all, on the way out people given a 'goodie' bag.....from the LTDA.

Why are they the only organisation given access?

Why don't the UTG camp followers of the LCDC or UNITE say anything?

What's going on here, anyone know?

Does this special treatment come at a price of not questioning TfL, especially now since the 'Dear Jo' Sunday morning emails came to light?

I'm Spartacus.

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Anonymous said...

Because bob is on the board remember that's why they can do it only got just over 2300 members