Saturday, September 17, 2016

Have You Been Attacked By Drunk Or Awkward Passengers? Apparently TfLTPH Have No Data On This.

Letter from Alan Fisher, editor of Dial a Cab's Call Sign

Finally got a reply from the Mayor's office regarding the placing of credit card readers in the passenger compartment. Unsurprisingly, it came from someone writing "on behalf of the Mayor" and shows how little these people know about the best taxi service in the world. In response to drivers not wanting to leave their safety in the front to have to get into the rear at 2am, it says:

Dear Mr Fisher
Under no circumstances would we expect a driver to leave their cab should a problem with the payment machine arise. First of all, the driver should ask the passenger to try again. If the fault persists, they should contact the payment device supplier for support and see whether they can fix the fault or take an over-the-phone transaction. Once a fault has been acknowledged, the vehicle should be taken out of service until it's fixed.

If the card is declined or faulty then a common sense approach should be taken and an alternative means of payment agreed upon. If a passenger refuses to pay and an amicable agreement cannot be found, this should be treated like any other instance whereby a passenger refuses to pay a fare.

Isn't that great??? 
We just need to tell the passenger to hang around while we try to contact the device supplier! 
No doubt they'll answer and send someone out in seconds at 2am (or any other time)! 
Then if they can't or won't pay, we just treat it " like any other instance whereby a passenger refuses to pay a fare."

Why didn't I think of that!

TfL are obviously a waste of time, even though as a woman you would have assumed that Helen Chapman would have been sympathetic, so we have to move to the next level. 

Editorial Comment :
At he LCDC AGM on Tuesday Helen Chapman was asked about the drivers safety being compromised by rear placement of the PED's by Lenny Etheridge. 
She answered that TfL's data did not show this to be true, in regards to drunk or awkward passengers.  



TfL's Helen Chapman says, they have no data on this!

Is there anyone out there who has been attacked by their passengers, please let us know by sending email to 

Excerpts from Commons debate on Taxis and Private Hire.
Daniel Zeichner shadow minister for transport and Louise Haigh, Labour MP for Sheffield Heeley in Thursday's debate in the commons. 


Think this ones aimed at you Boris  


Anonymous said...

The question isn't have you been attacked! The question is - have you got out of your cab to resolve issues in the back with the c.c reader and compromised your safety? The answer is for more or less every driver with one is - yes several times! Ask POB?

Anonymous said...

i rent a cab and once had one that had a credit card reader and a moniter behind the seat that restricted my rear vision and prevented me seeing into the rear of the cab,the first night out a large drunk decided he didn,t like the adverts and started bashing the screen,i stopped the cab and managed to get him out,i then put a bag over the card reader and didn,t turn unit on when i went to get the adverts changed i was asked about the bag as "we welcome feedback off our drivers"i told him of our battle with uber and how i didn,t think putting a 10%extra charge on the fare was a good idea,he then got shitty and said he was going to take the unit out and i made a suggestion re what he should do with it,when card readers are compulsory what will happen if the card is declined at the end of a job?if you phone the police they,ll probably say it,s a cival matter congtatulations to the person who suggested this to boris in one of his cosy little chats,and would like to ask,when was the last time you drove a cab?