Monday, September 19, 2016

Cocked a deaf un!.... That's how our fathers would have called TFL's recent reply.!

The Political arm of TFL is the Mayor, so while he delves into religious politics in the US...and additionally says London is open for business ..its not a real surprise to see his appointee addressing our concerns regarding the steam roller issue of isolated card readers in the rear of our vehicles with an undeserved and flippant attitude particularly from a non front line member who is securely protected member of TFL staff answering the mayors enquiries

They have hit on the technique of basing demonstrative points to balance actionable decisions so bearing that important point in mind:

Why can't TFL demonstrate a few examples of legal statistics themselves under the UK law of the land on this precise matter such as:

 1. Please Can TFL show anywhere in the whole of the UK (excepting TFL) wherby a licensing authority has forcibly imposed a mandatory card processing requirement and where failure to comply that mandate would directly result in a suspension or revoking your current license entirely on that basis ?

 2. Please Can TFL also provide any legal English statutes of law which enforces the acceptance of any card payment against a merchant ( taxi driver) other wise punishable in UK courts?, and separately what basis is a card payment accredited and recognised under UK consumer law in terms of legal tender ?

THESE ARE STATISTICS TFL SHOULD IMMEDIATELY DISCLOSE! (and as they have enough highly paid in-house lawyers to able them to provide this information it could be provided easily)

A simple point of asking the Taxi trade to provide statistics proving taxi drivers are daily being attacked by drunken passengers is a cunning attempt by TFL to "normalise" drunken dissent or violent behaviour as a risk of our job and will therefore be unlikely increase with card processors as being extra risk within the business we do...its a pathetic ploy so im not at all surprised it was asked by TFL in the first place

If TFL does want true statistics about drunken violence against taxi drivers all they have to do is google it,,,, or ask the metropolitan police, so stop wasting our time with this time wasting question and abolish the whole ill dreamt up idea, and concentrate on looking after the licencees who pay their licences to fund their own Licensing authority to act in their interests particularly where safety is concerned, and not for political ideology of the crazy kind.

All drivers must keep the pressure on their MP's Unions and GLA members as any card processors you already have and use should be perfectly acceptable to do your job efficiently and safely particularly as it is fully in your control so not be scrapped for anything else....period!

Be Lucky


The Metropolitan Police estimate only 10% of sexual attacks in PHVs are actually reported.


london boy said...

not only drunks in the back of the cab , but kids in Buggeys allways playing with the switches mic on Windows up windows down drive you nuts little charmers but now they wil play with credit card machine deep Joy covered in chocolate sticky fingers Christ knows what will be poked up the card slot !! so darling little Johny can put me of the road for the night .

Anonymous said...

Well said & very true.