Thursday, September 29, 2016

Carry On, Follow That Camel ! ... By Im Spartacus.

So folks in another travel bulletin, here's how the cab trade works in Dubai.

ALL cabs are owned by the Dubai version of TfL, they maintain the fleet, insure, put the fuel in etc etc bit like the old London General.

Drivers just drive, they sign up as a double team for 7x12 shifts and keep 25% of the clock which is GPS monitored and they all accept cards.

Dubai seemed a safe, clean and law abiding place.

Cabs are usually newish Toyotas or Mitsubishi and the occasional FX4R (joking!) one I rode in had 600,000km on the clock but was clean and well maintained. Fares are about par with ours, drivers pleasant but not that great with any knowledge of Dubai.

Any signs of the U mob you ask? not likely as I say cabs are owned by the transportation authority, why would they give anyone a look in?

The only comparison with U is some of the driving, car drivers will think nothing of reversing a mile or more down the hard shoulder if they miss a motorway turnoff, very relaxing!

The cab drivers respect and regard us as the standard by which all others are judged, they are amazed (as we are) that the authorities in London even allowed PH let alone the bin end Umob!

Interesting place and well worth a visit and by the way I never saw a camel which has given me the right 'ump.

Next reports from Bratislava and Prague soon.

I'm Spartacus 

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Anonymous said...

And soon to come to TFL in the next 2 years a certain company is buying up garages and been having quite a few meetings with TFL I wonder why ??????