Friday, September 09, 2016

Breaking News : TfL take Backward Step In Regards To CC Mandate And Taxi Condition Of Fitness

TfLTPH have clearly shown today, that the Credit Card mandate and associated condition of fitness, is a product of third party interest, rather than what's best for the driver and the passenger. 

News was afoot early in the day when CabVision posted on their Twitter feed, there would now be a "soft launch" to the conditions of fitness concerning the rear fitment of PED machines in Taxis. 

I then spent all afternoon trying to get a statement from the TfLTPH Twitter account, but as normal with important trade issues, my questions were completely ignored. 

It was then left to the Chairman of Dial a Cab to break the news via the Save Our Black Taxis FaceBook account. 

Apparently the details are still being finalised as new legal implications have emerged, and so the date for mandated acceptance has been moved from the 3rd of October to the end of the month 31st October. 

The condition of fitness concerning rear fitted CC machines, has now been moved to 1st Jan 2017 and according to  Mr Rice, that's official.

TfL have so far said nothing but will of course be busy letting all third parties know the new arrangements before they make an announcement to the trade.


Amazing, that just 24 hours after #SaveTaxi group meet with TfL to discuss issues and concerns over rear fitting of PEDs, TfL decide to postpone deadline 

Well done ladies 


Tom Scullion said...

Nice to hear that Tfl have finally saw fit to listen to our trade, The only organization who supported this madness should have kicked this lunacy into touch at the first hurdle.

Well done to everyone who lobbied Tfl and in particular Brian Rice for highlighting the dangers for cab drivers putting themselves at great risk by having fixed equipment in the back of Taxis.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's been a good day.
But it's not over yet, just a postponement
But it does give us more time to show the cracks in this issue

Brian Rice said...

As you are probably aware Tom/Jim I first started lobbying TfL on the 3 March this year regarding the siting of the PED's as I considered it a hazard regarding driver safety, that is why I sought and obtained permission from TfL in March 2011 to fix my PED's at Dial-a-Cab in the front of the taxi.
I then contacted the General Secretary of the LTDA on the 7 March this year whilst I was on holiday via e-mail, in an attempt to gain some support. Basically, my objections were dismissed and the attitude was 'It's a done deal', but it wasn't for me, I kept on lobbying everyone I could think of to make them aware of the situation, I literally have over 40 e-mails on file where I contacted everyone I could think of in an attempt to bring some common sense to the scenario. I was tempted and still am to take legal action against TfL.
In recent times as the 3 October grew closer more individuals joined the fight and for that I am extremely grateful.
The reason the news was relayed to me first tonight was because TfL thought it would appease me, well it hasn't because they are still wrong and some poor innocent driver will be assaulted or worse!
This announcement tonight is the first step to bringing common sense to the situation and every journey begins with the first step!
My thanks to Taxileaks, Save our Black Taxis and every individual that has raised their concern regarding this issue, it's just a pity that our Orgs have let this happen, they are a bunch of impotent wannabes that are full of their own self importance, when it comes to representing our trade - forget it!

Anonymous said...

So here we have it... PCO notice 13/16 is signed off ... Helen Chapman, does anyone smell the pure political stench that started the whole credit card fiasco of in the first place... helen whats her name?... forget it.. Leon Daniels was wearing gloves!

The usual throw to the wolves a low victim from higher office has clearly started, and at 2 in the morning I would usually go to beddi byes and live another day... but now this pathetic 13/16 PCO notice has appeared... not a chance!

Firstly, ... is there any mention to the security to any taxi driver mentioned in PCO notice 13/16?... forget it! all Taxi Drivers Male & Female who may have to risk your own personal safety ., whatever or whoever uses a card in the remotely located "PCO" approved machines drunk sober or criminally intent, ... remembering our Licensing Authority who we pay our license fees to have no Procedures to authenticate their decisions.. only consultation procedures of the smoke & mirrors kind.

And finally, why should our Licencing authority grant special dispensation to any card processors without discussing the terms throughout the 25000 plus licence fee payers who strangely give them consultary position without actually consulting what serves the travelling public best.

TFL has categorically failed in its truly divorced from reality & its conclusion & has simply delayed the inevitable failure or card processors in London cabs because.... it basically wanted too!

Yes, ... a five year old could have managed this whole scenario better, especially as the experienced users of card processing equipment... dial a cab,.. Brian Rice .. computer cab.. and all the newer App based taxi services.... and Helen Chapman...(stooge) ... said they are all wrong.

Firstly, I have a simple message to all cab drivers and only cab drivers... our trade is being driven into the rocks by self interested future thinking eliminatory powers who will never think our businesses requires decisive a financially injection based on business simply because TFL's non proven expertise is based on unexplained interference and precedence on self determined superiority and nothing else ... and this latest elongated time extension is complete proof of this if anyone needed it.

Secondly, Is there any mention of choice in "merchant terms" by choice in the list of "approved" list of suppliers...because they (TFL) simply try to dictate terms without choice... and nothing is easier than a disabled

RMT, USG, LTDA, LCDC,& every cab driver ...get your heads together & deal with this head on... or it WILL be your last poignant fight for rights however in this trade... the card processing mandate was always about taking modern day payment... not being over run by the License authority we pay our fees to...

Be lucky...dont turn your back now... or you will be taking it up from the rear from this day forward...I kid you not!

Be Lucky


Anonymous said...

we are meant to be a paper-less society

so, why is tfl still insisting on the need for a Printer?

my little hand-held Izettle, gives the choice of, a confirmation text or email

I have yet to have one passenger ask for either

Jason Clauson said...

I am not in favour of being forced to have a card machine in the back .. i have a handeld and rent my cab ... so obvious problems there if i swap my cab
But one issue i cant see is the sudden safety aspect of having a machine in the back .. surely there have been thise in taxis for years ..
I dont think its that valid .. if it had never been the case then fair enough .. but thats not ..
No one should get in the pass compartment we all know that.
The issue really is in my mind being forced to have certain machines and systems and the charges that come with them. I use iZettle .. i am happy personally to accept the charges .. but each driver should have a choice.

Anonymous said...

In response to Jason's comments, It seems to be very contradictory?

I have never had to get into the rear of any taxi I have owned in respect of a faulty card reader...simply because I haven't had any isolated card reader, Izettle and Paypal hand held are not acceptable unless fitted in the rear passenger compartment & then only approved in TX models, so if the passenger is particularly difficult how else can you be expected to help to be paid for your supplied service if the machine is completely out of the drivers reach?

It is a whole new problem which was clearly dreamt up by TFL through incompetence & naivety, and which is one problem I have never faced or been in a position to decide all my years as a licensed greenbadge driver, and I know there are thousands of drivers out there who agree and are facing the same dilemma which is a dangerous decision they should not have to make.

It is imperative to Keep the card reader up front & in the control of the driver as to improve the safety and considerably eliminate danger in a job which is already dangerous enough as it is.

Be Lucky