Saturday, September 10, 2016

Alleged Corruption At TfL TPH, Concerning Top Directors And Managers.

Did you ever stop to wonder, in the light of the hold ups we've witnessed, concerning Taxi driver licence application and renewals, how it could be possible for Uber to get over 600 of their new driver applications licensed every week, for over a year. Many of their applicants without the necessary enhanced DBS record checks!

Allegations have been made, that there's been an agreement in place between Uber and top TfL officers to fast track uber applicants through the system,

Allegations made on social media state:

Every week more and more evidence is piling up, showing collusion between top TfL officers and Uber. 
The document above is just the latest in a long line of documents leaked to the trade. 

Unfortunately no one seems to know what to do with this mounting of evidence. 
The LTDA have suddenly turn into a cardboard copy of the Mayfair Mob, trying to usurp kudos gained by the Mobs militant activist. (Difference being, the MM have been doing it 7 days a week fir over a year, not just for photo ops and PR to fill the next issue of Taxi)

When will our orgs and a Unions wake up and go to the highest authority in the land and demand a public inquiry into the goings on between Uber and officials from TfLTPH. 

Every day we are subjected to lie after lie from our licensing authority. 

The time has come for more more let's wait and more it's all going on in the background.


Leaflet issued by the Indelendant Taxi Allience 


AndyCabb said...

'Unfortunately no one seems to know what to do with this mounting of evidence.'
And for 25000 of us that is a big problem.
The trade has done a pretty good job uncovering all of the evidence. It's there in black and white in front of all of our eyes.
So come on trade leaders and work out what to do with all of this evidence.

Adrian said...

This is why #uber get away with rapes and deaths.

@TfLTPH are #ubers facilitator .

Not their regulator

alan ridgley said...

We need a strong independent figure with good legal backround to unravel this mess not some old has been hacks holding on to their pensions?

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great subject to discuss... alleged TFL corruption.

Forget uber for just a moment and concentrate on our own Licensing procedures.

All taxi drivers have to pay for their licence every 3 years, and the criminal check is a parallel timed checked process..3 years.

This means after the first license check (3 years before) stability in your criminal identification check, residence check and a whole list of other background checks are established and it is predominantly easier updating your details which bear the most public risk in your job.

Now return to the TFL Uber & private hire licensing program.. and that is clearly what it seems to anyone with half a brain.

TFL/CRB are processing massive amounts of Private hire drivers who are overwhelmingly new to the carriage of passengers, and I doubt very much they will renew when it comes around due to the pittance they are paid & will melt away into the economy so how many uber drivers have lasted more than 3 years?... very very few indeed (if any)

The point I make is, we as Taxi drivers have been on the radar for years before we were even taxi drivers due to firstly being CRB acceptable to do the knowledge in the first place, and after qualification its all done again, and we still have to wait 4 months on renewals, yet private hire drivers who have little or no track records can be flooding our roads at such an alarming flow rate, and that can only be through an act of fraudulent activity by bodies who may receive a financial inducement to act favourable as the system that governs us is not being applied equally.

Complain to your MP & GLA member as it is a clearly corrupted system and needs a thorough shaking up as the stench of corruptive activity is astonishing!

Be Lucky


Anonymous said...

I think you'll find, greenbadgejohn that, that there is no such thing now as a CRB check

what there now is, is called: the DBS - Disclosure & Barring Service, which only applies if you've a record that can be checked ie you are not an immigrant

all they need is, a scrap of paper from uncle Tom Cobley, back home