Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Request, To All Licensed Taxi And Private Hire Orgs... From Lee Ward-ALPHA.

I am formally requesting that a committee of Associations be set up from across the country.

This committee will be a steering group for the whole industry, therefore representatives from both tiers are to be included.

This committee will not be for kudos or anything along the lines of 'we did this' 'we got that' it will be purely and simply a group of knowledgeable people who already run Associations, I am sorry but Unions need not apply, you are as bad as the politicians for kudos and no results.

This group will be from across the land, with no borders involved, its purely for the benefit of the trade and the recognition that it requires with the hierarchy.

Together, as a combined and knowledgeable unit we can work to put to bed the growing and desecrating industry issues that are before and upon us.

Please email me at to show your interest in joining forces nation wide.

Time is now to unify and act, time tomorrow to reflect on what could have been achieved.

Thank you

Lee Ward


london_boy said...

About time someone came forward with this idea .Good luck

Chris O said...

Well Done Lee. Total Support from me.


Owner/Operator North Wales

Anonymous said...

Nationwide strikes is the way to go !

Thefat Girl said...

Thank you and good luck