Friday, September 30, 2016

A Quickie Knowledge, Or A Two Tiered Knowledge System? Jim Thomas.

Over the last few months, while the trade has again been decided over the intended CC mandate, transaction charges and siting of the machine, TfL seem to have used the oppotunity to slip in the frame a new form of Knowledge of London. 

It's recently been reported all over social media, new drivers at Heathrow have been asking for post codes of well established points around central London, such as the Ritz Hotel, Kings Cross and Euston stations. 

There have always been allegations that certain suburban drivers have been sharing friends or relations badges and bills to work the airport. 
Most of these claims were felt by the majority of the trade to be exaggerated. 

But when TfL compliance recently made checks out west, there was a noticed absence of so called 'new drivers' from the feeder park. 

However, drivers sharing documents such as badge and bill, is not the only problem that's currently surfaced out west. Many drives are refusing what they feel are unprofitable journeys by refusing to take card payments, or asking for exorbitant cash fares.

At a recent meeting between trade reps, HAL and TfL compliance, it's been revealed that knowledge students are no longer going out on the bike -a system proved over many years to be the most effective way of learning the Knowledge. 

TfL told the meeting that learning the knowledge from a computer screen in a classroom is now quite acceptable. 

HADTU have released a statement saying that in their opinion, this is not just a quickie knowledge, but a two tiered knowledge system. 
They say they will now be consulting with other trade groups regarding this issue. 


Anonymous said...

Well Sunday is when theC/O are there as for doing the Knolwedge on a computer it can be done think back to when we done the Knolwedge it was maps and point hunting now u can just find it on google the only down side is if you can't see it you can't call it finding the point is easy bit different if you get called it trust me you will just gain points for hesitation and excaminers know if your trying to blag it trust me

Anonymous said...

Off topic but did anyone else notice today 1-3pm Oxford Steet was chaos,looked like no traffic moving
What was going on ?

Anonymous said...

I can remember driving all night around London to do a handful of obscure points that i didnt know from the weekly point sheet.Would i have bothered if Google was about, not likely. No matter what way you look at it the KOL is easier with all the technology available, and even when you get your badge you can just Google a point if you get asked somewhere you dont know in your cab...if your customer hasnt already done it for you!

Anonymous said...

You seem to be missing the point!

Are you condoning the fact, passenger are being asked for post codes for places like Euston and Kings Cross

Anonymous said...

Most passengers at Heathrow give post codes

Anonymous said...

Take a post code follower a sat nav and end up putting your car round a lamp post or something like you see every day. You only gratefully for the knowledge once you have done it and how much it helps you. Why do you think people like black cabs. It's not because they enjoy the bumps hen you hit pot holes

Anonymous said...

The powers of the knowledge of and difference between knowing exactly where you are by the power of simple visual recognition verses a dumbed down classroom version through a screen with a nice cuppa besides you proves entirely How clueless under sighted educationally challenged self serving employees within a catalogue of highly made up positions at TFL actually obtained the overpaid position they hold.... unless bull$hit is the pre-requisite qualification required to get employed by TFL in the first place.

If you go to any part of London and do not recognise exactly where you are.... you are lost, it is as simple as that, and there are thousands of Taxi drivers on the road trying to judge where the Private hire driver in front of them is about to turn next signals...with the driver fixated to a screen, dont let the uneducated powers who preach this lunacy create a new breed of Licensed taxi drivers who are bound to drive the same way.... or god help our trade because a high quantity of our passengers see this poor driving themselves either in our cabs or as drivers or nervous pedestrians and a good reason to choose an experienced taxi driver ....So stop the two tier dumbing down of the knowledge as it is a deliberate erosion with zero justification except unexplained technology benefits of the negative and dangerous kind!

Be Lucky

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)

Anonymous said...

Being on the coal face of this one as it were as a current
Knowledge boy let me give you my two bobs worth.
I've got a couple of cop, I belong to a call over group
with about 50 members and spend a lot of time talking
on the road to other K boys and girls. I think you could
say that I'm in contact with a lot of people currently
doing the K and let me tell you the bike is still
the lifeblood of the K. All of those I'm in contact
with regard it as essential to get out there and see it.
The winter is still as cold as when you all did it and
the rain is still as wet and with the added menace
of U out there trying to knock you off at every junction
life on the K is not as some seem to think, a bed of roses.
Technology has helped that's undeniable but as for just
googling 30 or 40 points on your computer and saying
" well that's my knowledge session done " is frankly
laughable. That badge is still as hard to come by now
as it always was, check the total badges working right now
and there's no marked rise in numbers which there would be
if that was the case.
A pal of my dads did it in the early 70s and was out in around
8 months. The average now ? Over 4 years ! That takes commitment,
Grit and determination. Yes the methods may be a bit different now
but make no mistake, the K is still the K.

Anonymous said...

how long will the KOL be the KOL? - I don't trust anything that's in the hands of tfl