Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why Did No10 Told Boris "Go Easy On Uber" : Connecting the dots...Uber Freight...Uber Personal Mobility


Unsolicited pop up add on the Uber App. Uber doing the government a favour...but at what cost?

Uber's partner in the voter mobilization initiative, Bite the Ballot, is supported by none other than City law firm Hogan Lovells. This just happens to be the same firm that, in representing Uber, managed to persuade a High Court judge that Uber's measurement of time and distance billing is not, errrmm, a time and distance meter.  Hogan Lovell's Yasmin Waljee is a Trustee of the Bite the Ballot campaign.

We now know why number 10 told Boris to go easy on Uber. Even though they knew that Uber had been licensed illegally, their campaign had intentions to use the App, which has an alleged 1 million down loads, to encourage hipsters to register to vote in the Brexit election. 

Pundits said the more people from this demographic that voted, the more chance the government had of winning the vote to remain.

But don't just take my word for it. See the archived post on the UPHD blog. http://www.uphd.org/number-10-calls-in-an-uber-favour-but-at-what-cost-to-drivers/ 

This is definitely worth a read: Posted on the 28th May 2016.

Uber has started pushing messages to passengers in app to register for eligibility to vote in the upcoming EU referendum. According to the Guardian Uber is partnering with the mega cool Bite the Ballot campaign to get hipsters to care more about politics with messages like: 'But Politics needs rebranding!'

Don't get me wrong, UPHD is far from cynical about the importance of democratic participation and mobilizing the vote but context is key in understanding some of the motives beyond the virtue. Consider the following:

In summary, great work Uber in getting out the vote. We just hope the price of the favour done for Korski and Number 10 does not come at the cost of  upholding worker rights for 105,000 private hire drivers now in a hunger games race to survive on starvation wages due to Uber's business model.



Anonymous said...

This is an absolute scandal, licensing decisions are quasi judicial and it's clear that influence for political gain has interfered with that process.

Back to the old call for a public enquiry, for now surely Mr Daniels must be suspended whilst the GLA and the Mayor conduct an enquiry, it's not sufficient to assure the trade that he's not involved in day to day matters concerning the trade.

Transparency must be our demand.

Jackie said...

Unfortunately, our orgs are more interested in their new revenue from advertising CC machines solutions, than actually representing their membership.

It's only when the membership en masse cancel their direct debits, that these geriatric sellouts will stir into action
Let's starve them of funds, get the repo men in to take back the jags