Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Whatever you do, do not get into the back of the cab with a passenger' I'm Spartacus.

Those words ring in our ears as loud today as they did when the head of the PCO gave out badge over many years.

So fast forward to the current passenger compartment Credit Card fiasco orchestrated by TfL which means that's exactly what will be  required if a card won't swipe, or been rejected etc. etc.

Sure it's a great idea that very cab should accept credit cards, most drivers do now with mobile terminals, as in use in millions of shops, restaurants and cabs worldwide, but somehow the world's no 1 Taxi trade can't be trusted.

What's not a good idea is that the driver will have to enter the passenger compartment to resolve a problem or retain a stolen card.

So here are some questions needing answering by TfL:

1. Where is the Health & Safety risk assessment for this proposal and what are the control measures for the increase of the risk?

2. Where are the results of any consultations carried out with working cab drivers, passenger groups etc insisting on a fixed terminal in the passenger compartment?

3. Why did you retreat from your original policy of capping charges to the driver yet insisting we had to absorb whatever any company wished to charge us?

Here's another couple for the under fire General Secretary of the LTDA Mr S McNamara:

1. You have stated  'it's a done deal', quite with who and who did you 'do a deal with?

2. What consultation did you have with your membership apart from those who are retained at Woodfield Road or on stand down at LAP etc?

3. How much advertising revenue is expected from fixed terminal companies in TAXI magazine?

If any of the other UTG (LCDC, UNITE) want to answer the same questions don't hold back, we are all interested.

So before someone is assaulted or a malicious allegation made, We demand the Deputy Mayor Val Shawcross intervenes TODAY, so that full and meaningful consultations and assessments can be carried out before any implementation date.

Happy to comply with the requirement to take CC on mobile units that the trade have used hundreds of thousands of times without query or complaint.

In short 'what was broke that needing fixing'?

I'm Spartacus


Anonymous said...

I've decided no cards after 10p.m. Every weekend I'm out of the cab sorting out card issues. They are either too pissed to use it or the card doesn't work because they've done thier daily allowance. In the latter case drunken passengers become extremely arsey as they claim (wrongly or rightly) that the account is in credit. Then it's an unpleasant journey looking for a cash point at which point I am aggressively advised its my fault!!! Back to the ole rules if it's a roader or a pissed up its money up front or Foxtrot Oscar. In the meantime cab app for emergencies. Will Cab app still take payments via smartphone from October when rules change???? Anyone know???

Anonymous said...

Ive already had this problem, being a 29 year old female I had to get out of my cab to help a drunk lad with his card, he kept entering his pin wrong, and also entered his card upside down... He got aggressive and had to tell him to get out the cab, police now dealing with it as he didn't make payment... Good job he was to drunk to pick his phone up of the cab floor..... Police will release his phone once his paid them .... Still waiting 😡... & wont be taking that risk again as I was lucky that time 🙈

Anonymous said...

that's why we have a PARTITION, between us and the passengers, or as the underground now call them, CUSTOMERS

Anonymous said...

It has come to light that while the card reader is connected to the meter it is tallying up cash fares aswell as credit card fares. This is useful information for big corporate companies to monitor our overall takings by spying on drivers that entrust these large companies to provide a safe and secure service. The driver who reported this to me yesterday says that even when logged out the meter is actively calculating his cash work which is being logged against his profile. I believe there is nothing to make me doubt the first part of his findings alone.