Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Uber's Under Oath Toronto Confession....Nothing New To TfL.

The recent admissions made under oath by Uber in Toronto, seems to have everyone excited, but these claims were also made in London, THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO....yet TfL said nothing then ....and are still tight lipped, even now!

In this letter to Westminster Planning Department, Uber openly admit they do not handle any bookings. They explain their app just connects the passenger to the nearest driver.

They further state “In this way the network can operate independently, with the clients able to phone the driver directly through the app”.

Uber also says “It is important to note that we will not be taking any traditional pre booking jobs”.




Anonymous said...

Was it John Mason the former director of LTPH who gave UBER a licence?

If yes ....... WHY?

Super Bob said...

I thought I would share this with you....

In particular, the final paragraph where I quote TFL as saying:

"I can assure you that Uber London Ltd has to meet the same licensing
requirements as any other operator in order to be licensed and compliance
checks that we have carried out demonstrate that Uber is operating in
accordance with current private hire legislation."

............it went bent somewhere along the line......

colin said...

Because London was seen as the World City that was going to grasp new technology & be the first to hail a taxi from a phone,this would have led on to Tfl's City car that would have evolved driverless & cheap,all they had to do was drive us out of business,that has not happened yet-----I bet Boris agreed to this behind closed doors.

Winston said...

After all the evidence unearthed recently about how chavcabs operate (which we all bloody knew anyway) I have a question for the orgs,, Len Martin Grant Davies Steve McNammara etc
It seems obvious to me, and I'm not highly educated, that TFL licensed said outfit illegally, we know it, TFL know it and chavcabs know it. It's also pretty obvious that TFL have backed themselves into a very expensive corner! They know that if they even tried to revoke this outfits license they would be embroiled in a very costly court case, a court case that they know they would lose on the basis that they gave them a license to operate and they have not changed there operating model since they were licensed, chavcabs would arguably have a decent case to sue TFL for loss of future earnings, not to mention compensation for the millions they have laid out on there operation, premises, advertising, salaries to the people that can get them close to the people in power etc etc
Imagine the conversation with Sadiq when he first approached the subject...
Sadiq...I want them revoked
Civil servant... It'll cost us 10-20 million
Sadiq.... Fuck that let them carry on but throw the cabbies a bone, H/R ins or something, maybe suggest we will charge PH congestion charge but shove that in the long grass

Sorry I'm rambling, back to my question, the bottom line is TFL will never revoke there license! Because of cost! So is it not possible for our orgs to take TFL to court?
I'm not legally minded but was a JR really the only option??
Is there not a case for loss of earnings due to negligence on TFLs behalf?
Or corruption in public office?
Or a case for a public inquiry?

Surely there must be a legal avenue apart from the JR that could be explored!!
I'm asking this because we all know we've been turned over big time, there must be something we can do...

Anonymous said...

why are those, who are in highly paid posts, to administer the rules & regulations, not being sacked for gross negligence and dereliction of duty?

what do, Tom Watson, Val Shawcross, The Mayor and all of the others, that we've been sucking up to, have to say about this?

Ronson said...

And there's the evidence... John Mason illegally licenced Uber in London. Didn't he once say...

"Leave my staff alone, the buck stops with me. I've got broad shoulders!“ Blah, blah, blah.

Either he wasn't up to the job; or he was under orders to destroy our trade. Either way he needs to be held accountable, along with the others who have melevolently and sytematically attempted to dismantal the London Taxi trade.

Anonymous said...

I am only a simple soul, but I can't see why, everyone is running scared - why can't tfl pass on any claims, to their employees, both passed and present, for gross miss-conduct & total dereliction of duty

Anonymous said...

With all this information out there, when is it going to be published in the UCG paper?

Linda said...

While taxi drivers are being nicked for over ranking , not wearing there badges , bill's not signed all crime's of
the century !!
We have Ubet breaking every rule in the book !!
Tfl grow some ball's Upoo are not fit to be licensed !!
Use the rule book and revoke there licence now !!!!
So what if they take you to court , start fighting back and put right what you have done wrong !!!

Anonymous said...

It's not for TfL to grow some balls !!! It's the trade leaders, real leaders lead from the front what the hell are they waiting for, the evidence is there we've all seen it.