Monday, August 22, 2016

Police and TfL, Still Ignoring Assaults On Female By PHV Drivers In Harlington.

Dear Taxi Leaks 
Thank you for your comments supporting residents, and women in particular, who have to put up with this behaviour on a daily basis. 

I'm the woman who made the film and I'm pleased that so many people shared the video. After a few days, we hit 4,000 views. 

I received a call from the local police who arranged for me to visit this no-go area with a female PC to presumably show it was safe. 
In fact she was treated with total disrespect and the drivers laughed at her and she had to admit, as other officers have done, that it isn't safe for a woman to visit alone. 

Along with the intimidation and abuse, the minicab drivers complained to the WPC they were on YouTube. 
Amazingly, she advised them they could complain and have the film removed because it identified them (a bit tricky to assault a woman filming you and not reveal your identity). 

  Aggressive Uber driver from the original footage.

As a result, YouTube took the film down but by then it had received around 7000 views. I have had many requests to find a way to edit and repost.

As far as I'm aware the police have taken no action against the men - although the local Police Inspector assured me he would do something before he moves on, having been promoted! 

I'm not holding my breath. Our GLA members (Whittle and Kurten) have raised our PHV issues with the London Mayor and lots of emails (& Twitter etc) have been copied to TfL. 

Hillingdon Council is currently running a consultation to give it more powers to tackle PHV abuse of our public parks (closes 23rd August). 

So thank you everyone, your support is important. While PHV drivers act like scumbags and their colleagues stand back and do nothing to clean up their act, I will keep plugging away. Thanks again. 

Editorial Comment :

Incase you missed the original article > Click Here<

Well done Christine, Taxi Leaks will assist you in anyway we can. 

If you do have the original footage, you can send it to us by email ( and we can add it to 7 different FaceBook groups with over 18,000 members. 

It's scandalous to think that TfL haven't acted to help solve this problem as these aggressors are licensed by them.

Hope you get some satisfaction from the local police inspector, but as you say, I wouldn't hold your breath.


Damian said...

It is outrageous that the net result of visiting the scene with a WPC and proving it to be unsafe for the general public is that the WPC advises the PHV drivers on how to get the video successfully removed from YT!! The world has gone crazy.

There are plenty of ways of sharing video's without YT anyway so please pass it on to TL. Once I spot it on FB I'll be pushing it about. Perhaps some kind person might also help you edit it in order to get it back on YT.

Anonymous said...

This article shows beyond reasonable doubt that those in Authority be they elected or not are powerless. All talk and no action.

Anonymous said...

Sex Assault TFL FOI due back in next few weeks, Jim.
I'll make sure you see it.