Tuesday, August 23, 2016

PayPal's Neat Solution To The Credit Card Mandate : Unit Fitted In TX4... By Jim Thomas.

Last night at the KXTC Camley Street, Mike Smith showed me his newly fitted rear compartment PayPal cradle. Apparently once you have the contactless unit, the total cost of cradle, printer and all the fittings is around £219 plus VAT. 

The unit was fitted at MAM electrical, unit 9 Mitre Way W8 (opposite ComCab's office), where he was charged £84 inclusive of VAT. Mike said he was really impressed at the standard of workmanship and how helpful this company was. If you would like to book a fitting at MAM, phone 020 7607 3915 for an appointment. 

Best attribute of this fitment is that you can take the unit out at night to discourage theft. But also you can use the unit  should you wish, with any of the other CC clearance companies who use this model. 

As you don't have to sign a contract you can just use the system that suits you the best. PayPal, iZettle and CabApp currently have the lowest transaction charges around 2.75%.

Another bonus with this system is the rear view is not impaired in any way, unlike the larger CC machines that block the view between the rear headrests. 

Mike has accounts and units with both PayPal and iZettle, so if there's a problem with one, he can just replace it with the other. Unfortunately this setup has not been approved in either MetroCab or Vito Taxis. Another woeful mess from TfLTPH. 

Under 5 weeks to go to the deadline and they the whole CC situation is in still in chaos. 


Greenbadgejohn said...

I have spoken to izettle about an hour ago, I have a ttt metrocab and I cannot use izettle (same unit as PayPal and CabApp) because tfl will not approve their use in any other taxis including the Vito but Only Tx Models..what a bliming mess !

This whole situation is either corrupt or negligent ..there is no other description for it, and all drivers must complain to their GLA representative NOW..
The whole point of taking card payments is for the convenience of the hirer and simplification of use & financial benefits of the driver, and TFL have yet again failed in any recognition of those simple points.

If any driver signs up to any contract which is presented by a supplier under the threat of coercion by a party to limit choice by way of threat is itself illegal (a contract of duress) and can be discharged, and I am calling on all union representatives to listen to your own legal sources surrounding this point and act for your members.

If you are a driver who already has equipment forced onto you under clear threat of licensing sanctions, you must urgently do one of two things. Firstly complain about it to TFL, your union and your GLA member, and secondly, buy yourself a cheaper and more financially attractive card reader (like paypal or izettle to use in place of the one forced into your cab by TFL's "approved suppliers".

Then you will receive payment directly into your own bank account or pay pal account, it will be much cheaper, much quicker, and will kill off this whole stupid idea very quickly once all the expense of fitting out taxis with card readers in the passenger compartments of that are never used and are costed by the suppliers this whole TFL interference will quickly end. It will also mean that if you rent a cab you will carry your own means of card processing with YOU..and not the vehicle you drive, which is how any good business should be running.

The death knell with be rung on all this passenger compartment fitted reader nonsense once & for all, oh & dont worry if TFL brings out a PCO notice telling you not to use your own source of card payment device.

As the actual contract of payment between a supplier (you the driver) & the customer (passenger) is a private transaction and nothing to do with them unless you were overcharging, which you will not be doing particularly as its a free card processing service to the customer, TFL will not have a platform to base any constructive argument.

Be Lucky

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)

Anonymous said...

what's marvellous, about having to pay out hundreds of pounds, for something that my Izettle's been doing for ages, for free?

Anonymous said...

My taxi world card machine comes with a big tablet you have to keep charged , and also it has gone wrong 5 times this month , Wait till the last minute before you get one fitted , I'm sure someone will end this big Joke . WALLY FROM WAPPING

Anonymous said...

Why are we not standing up against the Luddite cc enforcement, don't forget when TFL get their enforcement officers on tap, they will be looking for you and not ph, also we must take TFL to court for all of your declined and insufficanit funds bilks, as they are enforcing you to accept these cards, so as your licensing authority they must be liable for our losses, we will have to make a small claims court action against TFL to regain your losses,

Lee Denny said...

Hi All,

At Taxie we have app the same as UBER which at the end of the trip You put your meter fair into.

The passenger can pay cash or Card which is taken by izettle which we then use the chip and pin or contactless .We then pass the bluetooth unit to the passenger to pay ,(the driver is in no danger and stays in the cab driver seat) The passenger has the choice to send recipt to email or mobile in a text...no need for printer or fixtures and fittings .there is a big problem acuring when you have to get out and sit in passenger conpatment to help pay .... in shops the shop keeper passes the hand held unit to you you dont go behind the counter to help them process it .
i find in life clever people who make good surgestions lack COMMON SENCE ..good luck

Brian Wigley said...

I am looking to rent a cab,if the garage I will go to has the wrong c card fitted in it I will have to go to a different one as I have not got a bank acc,,,so get it wrong and you will have cabs up the wall,, I can only have a pay pal one,,,brian

I'm Spartacus said...

So about £400 to purchase and fit without buying the actual PayPal or IZettle Unit so thats 2000 jobs at the 20p CC surcharge just to get that back!

We are not yet even getting back part of whatever the card processor charges or the cost of the actual unit!

As McNamara said its a done deal, well thanks for nothing.

Maybe that's the solution to our woes, get the useless UTG to represent UBER at TfL?

They would be out of business pronto and we would be back on track.

If you haven't woken up yet to this shockingly incompetent level of representation, you haven't got a pulse!

Alan Wicker said...

2:53AM - excellant comment

Alan Fisher said...

I will not be using any credit card reader fitted in the back. I've already told TfL that so if they want to strip me of my licence then that's what they'll have to try to do. I really cannot understand any London taxi driver being prepared to have one there. Imagine you are out working at 3am with 4 young men in the back wanting to go to a south London estate. Suddenly one says his card is stuck in the reader. What are you going to do? Mine is in the front and if I'm forced to put it in the back I just will not use it and explain to passengers exactly why that is; because it’s too dangerous but that apparently TfL couldn't care less about our safety...