Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Letter To Taxi Leaks : Non compliance and double standards by Tfl true or false

Incredible though it seems, Tfl are blind to the fact that Uber and others within the PHV market appear to be above reproach....and the law. Some of these operators have even been handed awards by Tfl for excellence and innovation.

Note to self, more sponsorship next quarter I may even win an award.

So let's accept the fact they are being allowed to ply for immediate hire (electronically), which is illegal.

Let's swallow the fact that they charge their tariff on time and distance basis, using "a meter" with a twist, SURGING the price when busy, which although is not illegal, is immoral. 

Here is the latest scandal:

There are calls to ban car sharing but one dead victim, a passenger in a Tfl approved car, is just another "Body" perhaps.  

Collateral damage in the grand scheme of things between Tfl and the PHV industry:

We've seen the shocking statistic on sexual assaults including rapes. In addition, there's a plethora of other criminal offences being  committed 24/7 by minicab drivers. Not to mention road traffic acts offences, touting, harassment, personal fraud and the hacking of some individuals or company's accounts.

Uber do not have a suitable operators center in London. They have no landline for bookings, for assistance or complaints, again a non starter for applying for a PHV operators license. 

Fast tracked minicab drivers obtain a London license from Tfl in a heartbeat. By design, our Yellow badges suburban drivers are restricted to work locally, which is there choice and what they've worked to achieve. But when an Uber driver is licensed by Tfl, he can then, under cross boarder hiring rules, work all around the Uk. TfL know this but say nothing. They just keep dishing out the paper and taking in the money.

Here's another fact :

Why do tfl put a "STOP notice" on a Taxi  (takes you off the road, until you comply and represent your Taxi to their testing centres paying even more money into their coffers) for not having three of is it five 'No smoking' stickers in the cab. Yet if you present your cab without ashtrays, you fail their inspection. It just doesn't added up.

Any tolerance here? .... not even 1%

PHV owners pay their money and then do as they please.

Be lucky 

Tom Scullion


Anonymous said...

Operation Neon should be renamed operation no one.
They are the joke of the night trade in Mayfair and Soho.

Anonymous said...

That's why 20 and still counting driver's from my sector are now working for uber