Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any More Stupid

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more stupid and shortly after cashing out of China, Uber, the ride-share company which claims not to employ any drivers and certainly don't own any cars... are at it again, emailing their customers to lobby TfL on its behalf.

This time the rant is supposedly about keeping London open for business after Brexit. 

Uber London Ltd, are this time asking their customers to complain to TfL over the Mayors new regulations and in particular the  requirement for prospective Minicab drivers to take an English test. A test Uber considers too difficult for its work force, the same test people take to become British Citizens. 

The reader of the email might also well wonder, how on earth this American technology giant can claim to have already invested £100m in London's economy. It certainly wasn't by means of corporation tax and considering it doesn’t actually own a fleet of cars, isn’t committed to employing its drivers, so just where did this huge sum go???

If it's in the companies infrastructure, then that must be one hell of an expensive office in Aldgate Tower..

Taxis - Black Cabs, are an iconic part of London that nobody wants to see removed (so we are told) and although we are the butt of many jokes about selfish driving, pulling up sharply for customers, stopping where we like, using Bus Lanes, Londoners actually have a great deal of respect for the drivers who have passed “the knowledge” to earn the sole right to p,y for trade (ply for hire). 

Nevertheless, if you can instantly hail a much cheaper ride (which can be done with the Uber app, although illegal by definition in displaying immediate availability i.e. "Plying For Trade" ), some people are going to be tempted.

Uber so far have had things very much their own way. Their path to licensing was smoothed by top TfL brass, with backing coming from high government office. 

In the past, we saw TfL bend over backwards to licence this company, outright lies have been told to the GLA transport committee by mor than one officer from LTPH. Currently, evidence of alleged corruption and malfeasance is surfacing daily. 

People of the UK voted to put a stop to the continued flood of cheap foriegn labour. In their email to customers, Uber are talking about keeping London open for business after Brexit. But only the most stupid company imaginable would appeal to Londoners to encourage TfL to go easy on prospective Minicab drivers, who can't speak a word of English, so they can take advantage of this very workforce 

This goes completely against what the country has just voted for. 

Unfortunately, people will still use this service in spite of the reported serious sexual assaults, rapes and account hacking, because it’s cheap and convenient. 



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