Thursday, August 18, 2016

Geely In Partnership With Uber, To Make Taxi Drivers Obsolete.

Geely owned, Volvo Car Corp. and ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies Inc. have signed a $300 million agreement to co-develop autonomous sport-utility vehicles that will either be used as self-driving taxis or sold to consumers.

The two companies will announce the joint project Thursday, saying the Swedish auto maker will conduct much of the initial engineering on a platform for an XC90 SUV that is capable of piloting itself. At some point, Uber will take that technology and use it as the foundation to develop its own self-driving vehicle technology. Volvo will do the same.

Under the agreement, Uber will buy XC90 SUVs manufactured by Volvo. Volvo is owned by China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. and has been among the more aggressive players in the established auto industry when it comes to developing and advocating for autonomous vehicles.

Uber, known for its ride-hailing service, has been developing autonomous vehicles and envisions a day when those cars could replace its tens of thousands of contract drivers. It recruited a team of researchers and scientists from Carnegie Mellon University, hired the hackers who wirelessly took control of a Jeep in 2015, and earlier this year hired Ford’s Sherif Marakby to head its global vehicle programs.

Uber and Volvo will work together on dynamic mapping, object identification and other hurdles that face many companies working on driverless cars.


Anonymous said...

the end is nigh.

Anonymous said...

Metro cab should do well

Anonymous said...

Uber driverless cars, are NOW

Anonymous said...

We are doomed I say doomed the secret agenda now revealed TFL/GOVERNMENT scheme for a greener London now exposed!! Uber secret deal with TFL/GOVERNMENT , Uber allowed to destroy black cab trade, with the foresight of driverless cars this was a done deal years past....they will be handing out green badges like smarties to the knowledge boys/ girls up at the tower because trust me the badge won't be worth a toss within 5 years!! A fing disgrace and anybody considering buying a new cab should be sectioned under the mental health act..what a bloody disgrace!!

Anonymous said...

Easy way to protest. Just stand in front of one.

Mick Smith said...

Geely just want to sell "Units" They dont care which sells more and are hedging their bets

Soon to b dhss zombie said...

No taxi driver
No car owners
No insurance agents
No jobs for anyone
Just all the money
For the chosen ones

Anonymous said...

Could this be a trick to stop new blood coming into trade so a few more years uber just clean up

Terry T said...

if you drive a cab for a living, re-train.