Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Who Said Demos Don't Work? : St Pancras, Finally Gets Double Yellow Lines, Double Kerb Chevrons....by Jim Thomas

Last night, under cover of darkness, Camden Council's roads and highways department painted the new double yellow lines including double chevrons on the kerbside at the St Pancras Station drop off. 

The council team turned up complete with warden, moved off all the illegally plying for hire minicabs and painted the promised double yellow lines. Amazingly, some minicabs were reluctant to move, some vehicles were parked with no driver present and so a removal truck was called for. 

After the job was successfully carried out, many minicabs were returning, so the truck stayed behind. Car drivers were informed if they didn't move off, they would be lifted and taken away by Camden Council. 

This new trial has come after months of serious negotiation on behalf of the trade, by the Mayfair Mob's ranks and highways team. St Pancras drop off was bought to the notice of the council after a 5 day demo was called by Dads Defending Daughters and the Mayfair Mob, heavily supported by the RMT and the drivers from all orgs who turned up en masse for the five days to support the action.



Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here at the cross rank like many others and there are still scabs
waiting for their ping,with no enforcement this is just TfL throwing us a bone

Anonymous said...

Is that Shaw Taylor driving the cab from police 5

Anonymous said...

So this is how it works now

Sit back and wait for some group to organise a protest and put pressure on TfL or some council
Jump on the end of their protest, arrange photo opportunities and if it's successful shout loud and fast saying it was all our idea.

If it don't work sit back again and say it wasn't us guv

I predict the LTDA will be out in force with jobs for the boys marshals and front page Taxi spread.

But we all know who was behind this victory
Dads Defending Daughters and the Mayfair Mob

Anonymous said...

Anon, 4:24
Restrictions don't come into force till next Monday 29th

Where were the famous marshals today, everyone saying scabs all over the place
Thought the marshals were doing a brilliant job... LTDA forever showing photo of marshal and clear road
Has it been photo shopped again
Is it the same photo (old trick by then Oddy and Massett are very old)

Well done Ray from the Mayfair Mob
Fantastic job.

@posi_tiveacts said...

It's called team work not caring who takes the glory as long as it's won!
This is why MM and DDD succeed!
While the orgs squabble and bicker with their petty point scoring trying to justify their existence and worth, these two groups with support from other working cab drivers and certain orgs have managed to make a huge difference in a very short time!

ORGS: Learn From This And Change Your Ways
Admit Where You Went Wrong!
Think About The Trade And The Drivers!
Put Aside Your Egos And Pride Do What is Right!

Alan Wicker said...

as if the bloke in the video clip knows what a CHEVRON is!