Sunday, August 28, 2016

Economic Terrorism : 'To alter the order of society by non democratic means'

So here we have it, a non domiciled tax avoiding company using the odd bedfellows of Goldman Sachs and Saudi Arabia to fund a financial model that exploits the drivers and the benefit system this company contributes virtually nothing to, to crush all others in the market and when the desired monopoly exists to gouge the passenger.

Otherwise, there would be no other point to it all...would there?

Of course any kind of regulatory requirement to provide safety, adequate insurance or the ability to communicate to a standard, brings forth a lobbying effort and social media campaign on a massive scale, the same story repeats itself over and over worldwide.

So what's to do?
Well for a start, let's have some flyers funded (without any trade org logos) to hand out to everyone you see in an uber car, this needs three bullet points as follows:

1. The driver of this vehicle is likely to be earning less that the minimum wage, driving hours way beyond safe limits.

2. The company you are travelling with is losing billions to subsidise fares to destroy legitimate British tax paying businesses, their intentions are obvious.

3. You might be saving a few pounds today but if they succeed in their plans your ride will inevitably cost much more and you will have NO choice but to pay up.

                              'Think about it' !

Of course 90% won't give a monkeys, but some will at least pause and it may change their behaviour.

Every percentage counts and we are targeting the right audience.

I wil be asking my union to get behind this, ask yours please?

I'm Spartacus



Anonymous said...

How about pictures of accidents on there. Figures about sexual assault etc

Anonymous said...

Create website with all bad press about them. Put web address on leaflet.
Hand out leaflets to everyone outside mainline stations for a week.

Anonymous said...

Create website with the truth about Uber i.e. all bad press and photos.
Put web address on leaflet.
Encourage people to 'sign-up' for future news / photos
Distribute leaflets outside all mainline stations for a week.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the link between uber and Cameron

Anonymous said...

Let people know that Uber Drivers do not pay tax either, they are self employed, they need to be registered with the inland revenue, if they don't, they are just Ghosts. Also TFL, should make conditional, that you need to prove tha you paying tTax to get your license.