Saturday, August 06, 2016

Taxi Drivers And Cricket Fans Caught Out As Taxi Rank Removed From Outside Edgbaston


Cricket fans going to watch Pakistan V England at Edgbaston this week have been frustrated by the lack of taxis pick up from Edgbaston Cricket Ground.

Marshals and cones have been put in place outside and around the stadium- a decision taken by the cricket ground.

One fan, Shamo Khan who had travelled to the game from Solihull, left the ground at 5pm on Thursday, August 4 but struggled to get a taxi.

He said: "My visit was very disappointing as I was unable to get a black cab after the match. The police and traffic wardens were not allowing the taxis to pick up.

“I had to wait a considerable amount of time to get a taxi. I have a bad knee but had to walk a distance to the Bristol Road and Priory Road traffic lights to stop a taxi. "

“It is sad to see this happen when such a big event 

Local black cab driver Tariq Rashid said the lack of provisions for taxis is ridiculous.

He said: “It's terrible that there has been absolutely no provisions for taxis at all for such a big event.

“Last year there was a taxi rank outside the ground but they have got rid of that. My licence says I should be able to pick up from anywhere even red routes.

“It seems to me they want people to catch buses but black cab drivers work out cheaper for people if you are travelling in a group to see the cricket.

“Black cab drivers are ambassadors of Birmingham. We carry new visitors and business professionals around the city all the time.

“ These transport failings create a very negative impression of the city which could easily be avoided.”

Cricket fans at the Edgbaston Cricket ground. 

At the moment cricket fans can walk up to Pershore Road - a few minute walk from the ground to try and flag a cab.

An Edgbaston Cricket Ground spokesman said: "We have return shuttle buses running from the stadium throughout the day, which run more frequently during peak times – i.e. start and finish of play. 

"Taxis are operating outside the stadium, along Pershore Road and Edgbaston Road and are allowed in to the stadium grounds once the vast majority of spectators and vehicles parked within the stadium have departed safely following the close of play. 

"The maximum wait for taxis to come into the stadium after close of play is 30 minutes. This is done on a safety basis. "

"We brought in a taxi facility in for the Ashes last year. However it was stopped because taxi drivers were not using it and preferred to operate as before." 

A council spokesman added: "The cones and marshals outside the ground have nothing to do with us. We have the usual restrictions on parking in residential areas during big events to ensure the flow of traffic.

"Ordinarily there should be a rank outside the stadium provided by Edgbaston Cricket Ground. It is their decision not to have one this year."


I'm Spartacus said...

Leicester, Birmingham, London you name it, everywhere the ordinary working cab driver is under attack!

Why, cab driving has never been the passport to a fortune, just a job with long hours and grief with the compensation you are your own boss.

Everyone either wants a slice (corporate apps, indolent trade orgs leaders) or we are being undermined by unsympathetic or hostile licensing authorities, it's depressing.

The good thing is the future remains in your hands, but you have to fight for it.

Time to take the gloves off!

Les Hoath said...

This arrangement first started at the 2012 Olympics in London where the fat-cats ‘Kettled’ the patrons between the public transport providers and the venue.

Temporary Road Traffic Orders are put in place to pedestrianise the area then they only allow the bus operators access. Taxis as far as these people are concerned are not part of the public transport system.

Lee Denny said...

Ok what you have not been told is that a local bus company was charging 5.00 per person from the stadiam to new st station..0n my count there was about 1500 people waiting at the pick up point inside the stadium.but it gets worse then that ,the bus company had 15 buses parked on taxi ranks and lots of staff in yellow jackets TOUTING at NEW STREET one has been arrested !!!! I attend trade rep meeting we were not told of this ...I wonder why LEE TAXIE-BIRMINGHAM