Friday, August 26, 2016

Credit Card Mandate...And The Curious Case Of The MetroCab....Letter To Taxi Leaks.

I have to agree with Alan Fleming comment on the previous post, relating to tfl and the safety of cab drivers, but then did they ever have a clue on that matter alone? 

No of course not, just turn up at the office, draw their huge over costed salaries and whilst they sip their lattes cab drivers have stress coming though their veins at heart busting amounts...cycle lanes balls ups...Uber balls ups... no choice of cabs to replace the ones they currently drive (due to emissions, over complication on long term business prediction evaporations) and now this credit card school boy sticky tape ideology dream... completely pathetic.

Leon Daniels should be fired immediately and his pension should be given to the homeless. In my humble opinion, he  would never himself sign the type of deal he expects us to work by.

If you signed a contract with any supplier of goods, eg....Virgin Media (I know them well), you will be given a statement of contract such as, Length of term, cost of service (per month in this case) and very importantly, penalties for breaches by either side.... which basically means if you do not fulfill your side of the contract you will legally be in breach of contract with financial penalties forthcoming, and likewise if the supplier changes inherent details such as costs to supply, you will have automatic rights of cancellation without financial penalty. 

That is the basis of a two party contract.

TFL however fits into an intimidatory role within a two party contract with the term "Mandatory" which rewrites the initial contract in the suppliers favour simply because you must have this to operate your business of employment.

Take the current situation with the MetroCab. 
If you sign a three year contract (which seems to be the 'approved' non choice by Taxi world) and if after 6 months into your three year contract they decide to charge a monthly fee of £10, wouldn't that material change invalidate any signed contract signed 6 months earlier (like any UK supplier?). 

The simple answer is no... as currently, there is no other package out there approved by TFL.

If you did decide that they were taking the pee and bailed out of your contract, as you would have every right to do, TFL will be waiting to invalidate your licence for non compliance and as I've said this before, a complete act of contractual duress... as you have no other choices available as a Metrocab owner.

Where are all these so called legal representatives, many Licensed Cab drivers have paid for years to represent them?

Why is the whole credit card mandate so irreversibly flawed with such juvenile ineptitude?
Can this be the same legal set up due to be challenged by Uber later in court? god help us!

Someone out there, Legal, union, TFL, anyone. 
How on earth has this issue spiralled out of all proportions to the stage we are now at when hundreds or maybe thousands of cabs will never be fitted with card processing equipment approved by an authority (TFL) unless they understand that in a two way contract, ...a supplier has to attract a willing customer, and a taxi user must have a willing participant of trade i.e. a card processing facility. Whatever pressures TFL apply, a whole litany of broken card machine excuses will hit our customers and damage the facility of choice and damage our user accessibility. This will clearly not do our trade any good.

So remove the red tape bureaucracy and help taxi drivers to be happy to take card payments without TfL's unwelcome meddling.

My advice is, don't sign any contract...unless you can leave without penalty if the supplier changes any of the financial detailing to suit themselves.

Be Lucky

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