Thursday, August 04, 2016

Be Careful What you Wish For : Toronto Bring in Third Tier Rules Just For Uber.

The saga continues.

Toronto's taxi drivers are accusing the city of doing little to make sure Uber comply with new regulations. 

Also, Industry regulators say that Uber isn't following the city's new regulations, which came into effect a few weeks ago. 

In May, after a Uber were found guilty of illegally operating outside of the legislated regulations, instead of banning, the City Council voted to regulate the ride-share service by creating a new third tier of transportation and bought in a new set of rules for private transportation companies (or PTCs).

However, some taxi drivers say the city is doing little to make sure Uber's actually complying with the new rules.

The United Taxi Workers Association will meet tomorrow and is considering holding another protest, possibly in early September. 

Toronto's last taxi protest shut down many streets including the 501 streetcar route in December.

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