Tuesday, August 30, 2016

As Evidence Stacks Up Against TfL & Uber.... Our Taxi Orgs Go Sleepwalking Into Oblivion.

Let's just recap for a moment:

TfLTPH's Twitter account frequently post that Uber met all the requirements for licensing, when first licensed in 2012.
And still do....


Uber have never had a required landline for pre booking.
Uber have never had a landline for customer services. 
Ubers were allowed by TfL to operated from premises without a current operators license variation!  

When challenged over Uber's move from NW1 to N1, TfL compliance gave them a six week grace period to sort out a licence, even though the staff manual states their licence should have been revoked immediately there and then (yes I still have the emails Helen).

It's also emerged that they operated from NI premises for 11 months, without a certificate of lawful use. Also a condition of fitness of obtaining an operators licence.  

Leon Daniels states to the GLA Transport Committee, Uber drivers have on/off insurance!
Association of British Insurers state no such policy exists.

Sir Peter Hendy tells GLA Uber has a landline but he didn't have it with him!

Leon Daniels states Uber has landline for bookings, gives number to GLA.
Number turns out to be Jo Bertram's private number!

TfL denfend Uber's phone used as a Taxi meter, in the high court.
Judge declares its not a meter!

Gran Davis states publicly, Boris told him that "number 10 had told him to go easy on Uber".
Emails emerge...Daniels alleged to be coaching Uber's Jo Bertram!

FOI request shows serious sexual assaults through the roof. 154 from Feb 2015- Feb 2016 with Uber drivers alleged to be responsible for 32 attacks!

Met Police admit only 10% of all sexual attacks are reported. 

TfL put pressure on LTDA to dumb down statistics on AddVan and remove TfL logo!

Record of multiple phone calls between Daniels and Bertram emerge!

Toronto case: 
Uber admit they don't take required pre bookings anywhere in the world including London. They state on oath that jobs go straight to the drivers phone where the driver then accept the Job!

Uber confirm they've never taken pre bookings by announcing they have future plans to take pre bookings using the app not a required landline!

Hundreds of sexual assaults, thousands of traffic accidents, multiple road deaths and two murders!

And now, Just when you thought there could be no more corroborating evidence that TfL have colluded with Uber's operation.....this!

Complaint made to TfL :

"Today Monday 29 August at 12-55 at Bus stop H Wilton Road by Victoria Station, I witnessed a TFL bus Marshall openly promoting Uber to the travelling public.

A man and his son were asking for information and she asked if he had the Uber app.
I think that this is an utter disgrace as there is a Taxi rank just down the road.

It makes you wonder if backhanders are being dished out from the top of TFL to the bottom.

I await your reply, also I shall consider taking this to the press.

You have seven days to give me an appropriate response".

Complaint posted on FaceBook Save Black Taxis Group
Posted with full permission. 

With all the evidence that's come to light over the last few months, you may like to ask your representative group, why they have been so silent of late

Ask the org or union who take your money for representation, what they intend to do with this plethora of information and evidence that alleges malfeasance.


@posi_tiveacts said...

It's bollox!
Jim they should all get together and sort this Now!

Anonymous said...

Everyone had a chance to chip in a few quids and ask tfl these questioning court Could we raise £600,000 no. Our biggest problem is taxi drivers not uber

Jim Thomas said...

As ranks and highways officer for the UCG, I went out in the city one Saturday night with Helen Chapman and the city police. This was pre Uber days.
Helen spent most of the night explaining to people outside pubs, clubs and bars, how to book a minicab with TfL's cabwise app

And I have a witness.

Anonymous said...

There is only one reason this trade is in the state it's in today, and that's the UTG