Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Appeal, Please Help Find This Cabby.

Jim, if you could help find this Cabbie I would be very grateful. 

On 30. July 3016 at 21.45 a Licenced Cab Driver stopped to assist a Police Officer wlth a distressed child on Sussex Gardens, at the junction of Talbot Square. The driver took both the child and Police officer to St Mary's Hospital.
The Officer would like to commend the Cab Driver for his assistance. This was not possible at the time. 

So could he make himself known at Paddington Green Police Station, where the officer would like to express his thanks. If the officer is not there, could the cabbie please leave a contact number and ask the station officer to put it on the station board?

This is from the friend of a friend and going around the shelters quite a bit now. Cheers!

All the best

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