Saturday, July 02, 2016

Uber's Crashes Are Health And Safety Risk. Plus They Are Driving Up The Cost Of Hire And Reward Insurance.

UBER drivers have come under fire through the #ubered hashtag, documenting the escalation of shocking Uber crashes across London. 

Photos uploaded on social media platforms show overturned motors, battered bonnets and cars crashed into buildings – all reported to be driven by drivers working for the uber minicab firm.

London Taxi Drivers pressure group, #Action4Cabbies are calling for accident statistics to be recorded in separate groups, as at present, all incidents are recorded as Taxi and Private Hire related. 

Insurance premiums for Taxis are being artificially inflated, due to the alleged poor driving from Uber drivers. Recently, a representative from a Taxi trade group, contacted Camden Council to insist fully wheelchair accessible Black Cabs be included in the new Bus and Bike only traffic scheme, set for Tottenham Court Road. 

They were told by Camden, 'Taxis were considered a danger as they are in a group with the highest incidents of road traffic accidents'. 

The truth being that Taxis have one of the best safety records on the streets of London.   

However, Uber's record on safety is appalling:

In one unbelievable image, a white car is seen tipped on its side with the boot open inches away from a flat window.

Over the past few months, there's been a massive increase in the amount of terrifying tweets documenting dangerous manoeuvres, crashes and nail-biting experiences at the hands of seemingly inexperienced drivers, many alleged to have the wrong type of insurance which excludes cover for paying passengers. One Taxi org has a file containing in-excess of  8,000 serious Uber incidents.  

Twitter and FaceBook photos show drivers, reportedly working for Uber, turning the wrong way down one-way roads, knocking cyclists off their bikes and smashing into lampposts.

Uber passenger Melody Kane, tweeted her driver was on the wrong side of the road driving into oncoming traffic.


Mark Godden shared a photo under the #Ubered trend this week, of a driver seemingly driving the wrong way up London’s busy New Kent Road. He tweeted the shocking image to TfL with the caption: “One of your drivers (Uber) attempts U turn in busy New Kent Rd, almost killing a motorcyclist.”

Another terrifying image shows a car badly impaled on a bollard with the front smashed in.

Passenger Jeannette Belaouane tweeted a photo of the shocking damage, writing: “Thank you @Uber_LDN for almost killing me!

“Please respond to my emails asap.”

Appallingly many stories shared on Twitter claim to involve uninsured Ubers getting into dangerous accidents.

Many mages show cars mounted on pavements, just inches away from front doors.

Another shows a white car that appears to have reversed into scaffolding on the corner of a road.

Others show mayhem on the streets with cars facing the wrong direction, stopped in the middle of the road or stuck on kerbs.

One incredibly shows a car that has crashed on top of a pile of motorbikes

The images are taken across the capital and show a number of accident scenes with police in attendance.

Tweets are uploaded under the hashtag on an almost daily basis by members of the public.

Others take to social media to complain about experiences inside the minicab.

Many complained about Uber drivers not knowing where they are going and taking one-way streets in the wrong direction.

Gabe Gurnsey moaned on Twitter: “My Uber driver has just passed his test and has no idea where Gatwick airport is. One star before we set off.”

Melody Kane wrote: “My Uber driver was telling me he has only been in the UK and driving for two weeks… While driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic

Uber denied all of the incidents uploaded under the hashtag involved their drivers and claimed it is used by detractors to make false claims.

They confirmed a number of the photos showed Uber cars, but claimed they were involved two-car collisions where the Uber driver was not at fault. 

Well, they would say that wouldn't they. They also claim female passengers are completely safe in uber cars, even in the light of a FOI request to the Met which alleges 32 incidents of rape and serious sexual assault by Uber drivers on passengers (including male passengers) last year alone.

A spokesman said: “On a number of others, we either cannot make out the registration plate in the tweets or do not have reports of any incidents matching what claims to have happened.”

We must remember here that their spokesman was saying many of the reported complaints of RAPE was in fact just a misspell of the word RATE, until the Met Police confirmed the figure of 32 attributed to Uber in just one year.

Wonder what the words 'serious sexual assault' were supposed to be misspellings of ???

Uber have declined to comment further.

Uber Rape is Real...

No minicab company or private hire operator in the past, has ever felt the need to offer their customers a check list of safety features to insure they arrive safely at destination -Uber have.


After the recent exspose' of Uber driver's alleged 32 sexual assaults including rapes on passengers (from the Metropolitan police) the company has issued the check list above to all its customers.


Anonymous said...

Pulling no punches, telling it like it is, news as it should be told.
Shame he badge and taxi papers water down the news

Anonymous said...

No good keeping this in house, cut and paste and send to your GLA representative, so that he/she can question the mayor.

From Lambros on FaceBook said...

Last night as i was driving down from Chalk Farm to Camden passed the Stables and left through the one way system i am confronted by a combined Police an TFL road block who appear to be stopping mainly PHV's. As i get near one of the Police pulls me and say's "driver will you take this lady on as she wont be travelling any further with this car" pointing to a Prius that was being impounded and the driver being karted off .."Of course"i replied with a smirk and a smile and found out that the chap driving the vehicle was not the person who owned the car or even had a license to do so ...A complete random stranger working this vile app ..She was quite shocked with the whole affair and was obviously given the full on "do you realise how lucky you were " chat followed by all the relevant facts ..She is never using them again and has been converted to Hailo which she can use for her convenience when required but also likes the old fashioned arm in the air approach also...The saddest part of this whole saga is that this vile firm actively and aggressively target this lone female demographic and suggest that they are safer using them than us ....That is without doubt the one thing they are not !

PS ...Thank you Met Police and TFL for these road blocks which i am seeing more frequently around town and its a pleasure to see you even when you stop me which i have no problem with ...Great work !!

colin said...

So Tfl have road block's with the presence of Police to stop these shyster's,isn't it Tfl that give them the License in the first place----------am i missing something?????

Ian Stewart said...

ride with uber for the trip of alifetime

Ian Stewart said...

make sure you,ve got your badge bill and identifiers in,they seem to be having a purge on it

Be the one said...

Last night as i was driving down from Chalk Farm to Camden passed the Stables and left through the one way system i am confronted by a combined Police an TFL road block who appear to be stopping mainly PHV's.

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