Friday, July 01, 2016

The On The Streets Of London Awards....And The Winner I'm Spartacus.

At last nights 'On the Streets of London Awards' the clear winner as voted by billions of passengers throughout the world in the innovation and service category was:

The London Taxi.

It's innovative idea of having a highly skilled driver with the passenger just having to raise an arm or visit a rank outside every good hotel, railway station or store is a proven success.

Most cabs also take contactless credit cards and all will do so from October, there are also many smartphone Taxi apps and Radio cabs available

Other great features include 100% access for wheelchairs, accessibility and clear pricing.

Everyone can use them, even if you don't have a smart phone. Not sure of the address... the fantastically knowledgeable driver in their purpose designed vehicle will get you there.

The judging panel stated 'no other product even came close'. 

'The total reliance on one form of technology such as Sat Nav with its inability to understand the dynamic nature of the streets, the poor quality driving standards, data security, taxation and personal safety incident records were key factors in ruling out a somewhat ragged group of also rans.'

Will 2017 keep the winning run of over 350 years going? 

Prediction is a certain yes and it will surely be the biggest non event since Boris Johnson who like all uber inflated interlopers just fade away into ignominy.

So Londoners and visitors alike will continue to hail the success that is, The London Taxi

I'm Spartacus. 

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