Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Range Extended Taxis, Are We Being Sold Another Lie By The Greenies? .....by Jim Thomas

Still no reports from TfL or the Mayors office on the affect of sitting over batteries, strung together, emitting Gamma B radiation, generated by a strong electro magnetic forcefield. 
Does no one care about the health issues of the driver?

Don't forget, people were told asbestos was a perfectly safe substance to build prefabs with after the war, even though they knew full well (from as early as 1920) that it had carcinogenic properties. 
My father's sister and her husband, were housed in just such a prefab by the local council, on Carlton Hill/Marlborough Hill in St Johns Wood just after the war. 
Both died from cancer in the early sixties. 

Not one representative org or union has questioned or investigated driver health issues in connection to this new technology.
No one has questioned the mayor, TfL, LTI or Frazer Nash over this.
This is an untried technology and we Taxi drivers are being used as Guinea pigs.

Gamma B is the radiation used in dentistry to take X-rays of the mouth. 
The dentist and his assistants stand behind a lead shield when fired up to take the X-ray.
Taxi drivers will be expected to sit over this EMF for 6-8-10 hours at a time with absolutely no protection.

We know that in everyday life, we are surrounded by different strength EMF's and there is a small one emitted by normal car batteries. But with a bank of batteries connected together, the force field is magnified producing stronger emmisions. 

Fazer Nash and LTI won't comment on the subject....I wonder why....they are not the ones sitting over this time bomb for extended periods of time.

Why have TfL and the Mayor put all their eggs in the one basket?
Why no exploration of different technologies?

Below are two videos explaining a cheap and safe alternative that would produce almost zero emmisions.

What all the big oil companies don't want you to know how to save 60% on fuel


Answers to the many thousands of questions asked since the original video got over 30 Million views in 48 hours. It was shared over 750,000 times. 
In this follow-up video Grant talks to the inventor of my hydrogen conversion system. 

Straight answers directly from the expert himself.



Kevin ward GB Cabbie said...

SI asked the very same question about the health issues concerning the batteries as soon as the idea of these vehicles was first muted Jim,but as usual no answers were forthcoming just the usual wall of silence.

Anonymous said...

Where to start?
There is no such thing as Gamma B rays. There are Beta, Gamma and X-rays. These are forms of ionizing radiation, and are not produced by car batteries.

What new technology? The Metrocab and TX5 have petrol engines and a battery pack.
Car batteries produce a weak electro-magnetic field (not a force field). We spend our lives surrounded by EMF fields from all kinds of sources.

Guinea pigs? In terms of long term proximity to battery packs, perhaps submariners, milkmen, forklift drivers or even Prius drivers have been, but taxi drivers won’t be.

I’m fairly sure you questioned someone from Metrocab on a forum. Think he pointed out the shortcomings in your scientific grasp.

TfL haven’t put all their eggs in one basket. They’ve set emission (sic) limits. If a ZEC-compliant vehicle can be built with a couple of milk bottles and some hose, there would be a market for it. Unfortunately, HHO - the subject of those videos - is a scam and has been for ten years.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply anonymously, that's really put my mind at rest.....NOT.

Editorial said...

A friend of mine, well known to the trade asked both Metro Cab and LTI if he could rent a vehicle for a few days as he suffers badly from the effects of Beta Gamma radiation and wanted to see if he would get a reaction from driving this vehicle.
He wasn't asking this for nothing and offered to pay the going rate to rent for a few days as a trial.
Both companies failed to get back to him!

Yes we are surrounded by weak EMF in everyday life, but, when batteries are chain linked in this way, the EMF becomes magnified greatly and will affect drivers who have the same common condition as my friend.

A few years ago, I had an inspection in my house regarding asbestos. I was told my house was perfectly safe to live in.
Recently I had a flood and the insurance came to assess the damage. The carpet had to be lifted and straight away I was told the Marley floor tiles were a health risk as they contain minute particles of asbestos. These were removed by men wearing spacesuits.
So much for sarcastic tongue in cheek guarantees from anonymous sources.
There has been no debate, no investigations and no reports from TfL or our representative orgs. There seems to be a mass of information about EMF on the Internet.

I would urge drivers to do their own resurch on this before making a purchase

Jim Thomas

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:05
Oh it was on the forum,
the same forum that has J Daggers giving out legal advice saying you don't need to get your Taxi plated by TfL as long as you pay your road fund licence.
Well that's really put my mind at rest