Thursday, July 21, 2016

Police hunt cyclist after chain and lock attacks on taxis in Cambridge.

Images have been released by police after a Cambridge cyclist allegedly targeted city taxis in a series of violent attacks.

A bike chain and lock have been used to batter vehicles as part of a vendetta, say cabbies - and now Cambridge police have released photographs of a man they would like to speak to in connection with the alleged incidents.

A cyclist has been reportedly spotted several times over the years, apparently targeting taxis in similar attacks.

Karl Stamper, a member of Cambridge Hackney Carriage Association, is the latest driver to allegedly suffer damage to his vehicle, during an incident which he says terrified an elderly passenger he was carrying.

Mr Stamper was driving along Hobson Street in the city centre at around 1.50pm on Monday, July 11 when he says a cyclist hit his taxi with a chain and lock as he rode past.

He said: "I had passengers in the taxi and one was senior and we both jumped. He obviously knows what he is doing.

"It seemed he had gone out to deliberately do this. It was totally unprovoked and we know he has done it before. He must be stopped."

Another taxi driver added: "We've got one nasty cyclist going round hitting taxis with his padlock."

A Cambridge taxi drivers Facebook forum has been alive with reports about the alleged cycling attacker.

One driver said a man had punched his wing mirror when he cycled past on Bridge Street. "The glass fell out and I stupidly tried to chase him on foot. He gave me a 'two fingers' sign for good measure as well."

Another alleged victim said he was targeted on Newmarket Road a few years ago. "He actually hit my car with a D-lock. Nasty man, pure mouth on him until you challenge him."

"Starting to wonder if it's the same one who punched my mirror on The Broadway," said another cabbie.

Images of a man police want to speak to in connection with the attacks have been released to the News.

Anyone with information is urged to call Cambridgeshire police on 101.

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