Wednesday, July 20, 2016

TfL Notice 12/16 New Island Ranks Trial

In accordance with the taxi ranks action plan, in August 2015 we published our policy on all ranks and extension areas. This policy set out what points will be taken into consideration when designating a new island rank or extension area. An island rank is a rank located within an all London license area which certain supporting drivers will be permitted to use.

 In accordance with this policy, from today, 20 July 2016, we are starting a trial of two new island ranks at:

 • Junction Road (Archway station), Islington.
    – Rank number 5786
    – Times of operation: 19:00-02:00
    – Drivers license for Haringey, as well as all London drivers, can use this rank.

Clapham High Street, Lambeth.
   – Rank number 5787
   – Times of operation: 19:00 to 07:00
   – Drivers license for the Clapham extension area, as well as all London drivers, can use is rank. 

These new trial island ranks will be in place for a minimum six months period and will be monitored to assist passengers and drivers usage to determine whether they should be designated as island ranks on a permanent basis. 


Anonymous said...

That document looks like it was written by a primary school student. How are we supposed to take TFL seriously?

Anonymous said...

15 years of negotiating and we get a rank on a building site outside archway station because no gb is silly enough to sit on it. Oh and we can only use it after 7pm. If its about supply and demand how about and island rank near the arsenal ground that's operational on match days. No because it makes to much sense and the gb's wont like it.