Saturday, July 16, 2016

Marc Turner Attends Exhibition On Proposed Revisions To Disastrous Tavistock Place Scheme.

Thursday evening (14th July) i attended Mary Ward House for an exhibition of proposed revisions to the disasterous implementation of experimental traffic changes by Camden Council last year. 

There was a respectable turnout of concerned cabbies, far outnumbering local residents. 

But on chatting to said locals, I was surprised to hear their lifes have been blighted even more then ours over the ill judged 'traffic tinkering' that even Camden Council concedes 'isn't' working! 
They exhibited three revised plans, only one was prefered by the taxi fraternity.

It wasn't perfect, but an improvement on what we and our customers are currently suffering. 
We all filled in a questionnaire with the welcome option of choosing for the failed experiment to be totally scrapped, and returned to the areas original layout. 

The Exhibition resumes on Saturday (16th July) 10:30/ 16:00. 
I implore interested parties to attend. Remember you've got to be in it to win it!...

Our arguments are valid but don't amount to anything if we can't be bothered to voice them. If you can't possibly get there and want to be heard, email your views to


Anonymous said...

Where can the proposals be seen online? Can you post a link please

F O'Eye said...

Nowhere I can find, anyone would think Camden don't want responses,

Open government?

Anonymous said...

the idiots who are in positions of power, should be called to account & sacked