Sunday, July 03, 2016

Luton Airport tells taxi drivers, contract tendering process was 'fair and open'

RMT drivers protesting on the steps of the Town Hall about the airport contract being awarded to Addison Lee

LUTON Airport has told hackney carriage drivers the decision to award their contract to a rival taxi firm was fair.

Drivers from Luton Hackney Carriage Association say they face losing their job after the contract to operate the taxi rank they have worked in for 40 years was awarded to London based Addison Lee.

Drivers have argued that the decision will force them to take their black cabs to the town centre, where there is not enough work.

Munir Ahmed, a member of the association, said: "Years ago we were required to change all our comfy cars to back cabs to enhance the image of Luton Airport.

"So instead of buying a comfortable car for £15,000 I was obliged to buy an uncomfortable black cab for £40,000 with repayments of over £900 a month for four years.

"This pushed up all our fares and made us less popular with public. Now the decision has been reversed, but instead of letting hackenys convert back to cars they have awarded the contract to Addison Lee. 

"When we worked as Hackney drivers we worked for ourselves, what we took we kept. Addison Lee is taking 30% off drivers who switch to their vans and cars. By switching, it's like taking a 30% pay cut, it's scandalous.

"What compensation will be given to drivers in causing the loss of jobs after decades working at the airport?"

Fellow driver Dahood Khan added: "Does this mean the policy was wrong when they forced us to buy expensive black cabs instead of saloon cars, claiming it would add to the prestige of the airport?

Members of the RMT recently held protests asking the tendering process to be undertaken again 'fairly', but Luton Airport say the decision was a fair one and there are no grounds to award drivers compensation.

A spokesman said: "The tender for a ground transportation provider has been a clear, fair and open process which began in December last year. Our priority is to ensure our customers receive the best possible service, and the tender was carried out with this in mind.

"There are no grounds for compensation under the previous contract which ended in June.


Anonymous said...

You have to look at the reason for requiring you to change all your comfy cars to back cabs to enhance the image of Luton Airport.

It was nothing to do with enhancing your image at Luton Airport. It was all about trying to keep London Taxi International afloat.

Were there a number of brown envelopes floating about at the time of London Conditions of fitness being imposed?

Anonymous said...

How many of Addison Lee vehicles are WAV's. If I fly into Luton I want a WAV straight away not have to wait for one.

Anonymous said...

Why is everything always handed to big businesses/corporations on a plate so they can take their cut, leaving the people who actually do the hard work to get paid peanuts. Sad times

Ian Stewart said...

luton today,heathrow tomorrow.what happens if you,re a wheelchair bound passenger?

Anonymous said...

Addison lee have already failed to deliver conditions as per tender requirements as Luton council has refused mot for most of their vehicles,
Airport dnt care what service passengers recieve as long as they get paid,
A private hire vehicle cannot be in view of public or parked outside airport unless pre booked,
But no this is Addison lee the big boys they can do as they please i.e. Tout inside airport saying taxis this way when they are private hire,
Luton council turn a blind eye to this..
I could go on forever many rules being broken but council paid off, airport paid one to tell them off..

Lauren Walton said...

Luton airport taxi is just another way to get to the airport not cheaply. I always use my car when visitint the airport it is still tho most comfortable and cheapest way.