Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Licensing Authority, Could Ban Taxi Drivers From Smoking E-Cigs....By Gerald Coba.

Tunbridge Wells Council decision on whether to ban taxi drivers from vaping in their vehicles has been put on ice.

Council chiefs have decided to hold off until they can ask the public for their views.

The licensing committee at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council unanimously voted to consult people on the matter of e-cigarettes and vaping in hackney carriage and private hire vehicles

It will be part of an already planned Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy review scheduled for later this year or next.

Licensing committee chairman Bob Backhouse told the Courier: "Further to complaints from members of the public concerning taxi drivers who have vaped while driving, I was asked 'is this illegal?' 'Is this against taxi regulations?' We discovered we only had a policy that stops smoking in taxis and obviously in the light of the widespread growth of vaping this needs to be amended."

He added: "Owing to the fact that we were about to make a public consultation with taxi drivers and members of the public, the licensing committee thought it best to incorporate this issue in that consultation. At the meeting councillors agreed that for people with asthma or other breathing difficulties it was considered anti-social for anyone to vape in a taxi, drivers or passengers."


There are many establishments in and around the capital that have banned vaping on their premises. Restaraunts, bars, clubs, cafes and pubs have banned puffing on the e-pipes as some customers have complained about the sweet sickly smell associated with the device. Drivers and customers in London taxis and minicabs are currently banned from smoking in vehicles where passengers are carried for hire and reward. We have also been informed by TfL that drivers should not vape while driving. Should this be a legally binding ban, extended all e-cigarettes users in the vehicle?  

As Taxi drivers, what are your views on this subject!

Do you think passengers, along with Taxi drivers should be banned from vaping in commercial vehicles?

Use the comments section to give your views! 


Anonymous said...

We (London taxi drivers) have already been advised by TFL that vaping in our cabs is banned.

Anonymous said...

Should be banned, looks chavvy and unprofessional and stinks.

Odd Bobby said...

Ban should be extended to passengers and should be legally enforceable.
Currently drivers can only be prosecuted by police for driving without care and attention.
TfL legally have no power on this issue should passengers complain.

Anonymous said...

Looks chavvy? In that case you may as well ban 75% of taxi drivers for their dress sense. Vaping while you have a customer on board is not particularly professional I agree but I don't see a problem while you are empty. It doesn't stink your cab out with a stable odour like a normal cigarette would and if it helps someone kick a killer habit then what's the problem?

I can't bear this nanny state bullshit

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Vaping is helping people quit smoking and it 99% safer to vape than smoke.
i think vaping should be allowed when no passengers in the car.
You can't imagine how much stress you get driving around london.