Friday, July 15, 2016

Letter To Taxi Leaks From The Vito Taxi Club. A question that deserves an answer???

Great work by all you guys, you are a credit to the trade.

I would like an answer from the government & TfL to the question I have asked Val & both Mayors for some time.

Why did George Osbourne working then as Chancellor of the Exchequer pressure BJ to accept a US tax dodging billionaires dangerous minicab app into London as admitted to Val Shawcross under her questioning at a GLA meeting?

Uber got into London via dubious orders from at least one obviously dubious senior government official so it should be ejected upon examination of the dangerous distracting SatNav & phone app interaction modus operandi of this business model.

Our streets are littered with the car wrecks of distracted PH drivers & Londons A&E depts deal with the consequences on a daily basis.

Why have our trade unions & reps not insisted on an answer to this ?

I applaud Val for asking the right question, but when answered by BJ why did she not follow it up & pursue it to its obvious conclusion..........corruption right to the top, & attempted crucifixion of the licensed trade. 


Today's special video from London Taxi Benevolent Association For War Disabled



Anonymous said...

"Uber got into London via dubious orders from at least one obviously dubious senior government official."

The same statement could be used about the Mercedes Vito!

Anonymous said...

Ubergate coming to bite a few arses.
They will try to sweep this under the carpet, but our orgs have to keep punching away at this
Demand answers, write to the Mayor, your MP, don't let them off the hook.

Anonymous said...

Mayor khan,is no different,they all say we will help the cab trade,utter bollocks

Anonymous said...

He should be called Mayor Khan't not Mayor Khan.Promise everything and when in power pays lip service.

Mike Canty VitoTaxiClub said...

I am still waiting for an answer from Mayor Khan on this. It's a simple question regarding the actions of his predecessor the now thankfully ex-chancellor.
We should not stop asking this question until an answer is given because both London as a city & the legitimate licensed London taxi trade have been severely affected by their dubious actions.
We insist upon knowing the truth !! #u$ergate