Sunday, July 17, 2016

IN PICTURES: Cabbies treat underprivileged kids to a day out in Southend

Girls from Totenham, enjoying trip to Southend.

A convoy of 100 balloon decorated London taxis came to Southend with 300 deserving children. The fantastic smiles on the faces of excited children tells its own story.

Taxi drivers Caterina Bellandi came all the way from Florence for the trip.

The London Taxi Drivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children brought the children on the annual outing, which took them first along the seafront, before enjoying the afternoon at Adventure Island.

Children from Gainsborough School enjoying the day with driver Matt Howard

Simeon Yeracaris, Malcolm Shaffron, Mike Son and their furry friends soaking up the atmosphere

Boys from Bethnal green on the London taxi drivers fund for underprivileged children trip to the seaside

The kids and drivers also got to enjoy a lunch and disco at the Cliffs Oavillion in Westcliff where they were met by the mayor.

The children were brought in brightly coloured taxis, for many of these kids it was their their first visit the seaside, as well as their first ever ride in a taxi.

Cameron, Pauline and Aseea with Sue Harris

Taxi driver Claire with more children from Totenham.

Founded in 1928, the charity is well known for its outings to the seaside, when convoys of London taxis decked in balloons and banners take excited children and their helpers for an amazing fun day out

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Anonymous said...

It was also a treat for the cabbies just to see the excitement and pleasure it brings to these children.Again Londons' finest doing it because they want to and can.