Friday, July 01, 2016

Evening Standard Tobacco Dock Awards Protest : TfL Ignore Uber Touting In Street.

With military precision, Dads Defending Daughters marched into Pennington Street Wapping, to protest against Uber being up for awards at the Evening Standard business awards being held at Tobacco Dock.

As the guests arrived, they were greeted by the banners and posters showing the despicable statistics being hidden from the general public by the mainstream media. 

The protestors were very vocal but, apart from making noise, it all went extremely peaceful. See video. 


When all the guests we're inside, the protest disbanded allowing the presentations to take place. 
But unexpectedly, just before the evening ended, the protestors returned. This time accompanied by many Taxis, causing completely gridlock the to surrounding area.

As guests left, they found they could not access their promotional uber codes, many guests believing it was done purposely as Uber did not receive their expected award.

 Could the judges have been swayed by the banners, posters, leaflets and mega phone sound bites, given out as everyone arrived?

Instead the award for the category Uber were in went to Aldi, the cheap supermarket chain. They didn't even get the Tech award which went to restaurant delivery firm Deliveroo. 

Because the signal outage, the uber app was down.
Uber sent along staff members in bright blue t-shirts with big white squares on the breast pockets. 

These employees were openly touting custom, using hand held devises to sign up new customers offering £25 off vouchers as enticement. 

Amazingly the 6 TfL PCOs who were in attendance from 5pm, were by now nowhere to be seen as the open touting took place. 

Uber cars were seen using the petrol station on the Highway as an impromptu rank. Cars were seen going into the court yard of the garage, waiting to recieve a message then moving out without buying petrol or even visiting the forecourt shop. 

    Tweet of the night award goes to CabbyDenny.


Anonymous said...

Thanks James, nice post.

Anonymous said...

According to my source uber were pencilled in to win an award. It looks like judges changed their mind over the banners and posters.
Well done Lenny's boys and girls.
Having more of an impact than 8,000 taxis turning up and no one knowing why!

Rob said...

Congratulations, very very well done. It's the sense of humour re the Aldi post, the presient action from the demonstrators, the determined sense of an injustice committed which will eventually be righted which combines to give me a feeling that the tide may begin to turn. If only we could see the cycle highways debacle sorted. It has the potential to equal and go beyond the damage that uber has inflicted. Perhaps with the passage of time both of these evils will be exposed for the frauds that they are,the cycle highways causing massive pollution and chronic congestion and uber being a thiefs paradise both from the drivers point of view(no h/r insurance and non payment of tax) and from the company position. Finally,I have a good deal of optimism in patience being rewarded insomuch the third element of the 'triumvirate of evil' Bo Jo has been exposed for the pretender that he appeared to be. Good riddance,one down two to go.