Tuesday, July 19, 2016

cab:app contactless chip & pin – rental option now available

Credit Card Package – further to the changes by TfL on the mandatory credit card mandate which come into effect in October, cab:app has a fully approved solution which includes a contactless chip & pin device, a fixed bracket for the passenger compartment and a printer. This is now available to buy as a bundle or individually as follows (prices below exclude VAT and postage): 

  • M10 contactless chip & pin device - £79
  • Fixed bracket for passenger compartment - £50
  • Micronics Star Printer SM L200 - £170
  • Bundle of chip & pin, bracket and printer - £295

As a reminder, the cab:app solution accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, contactless and Apple Pay. Processing fees for drivers are 2.7%, payment to your bank account is next day Monday to Friday. In addition, drivers also benefit from cashback, which is 10% of the net profit cab:app makes on each card transaction with the option to accept in cash or convert to shares in cab:app. We will also be updating the device software (remotely) in the next 2-3 weeks with a tip feature so passengers can add a tip at the end of the journey when paying by card.

The fixed bracket has already been approved for the TX vehicle and we’ve just had news that TfL have approved the same bracket for the Vito, so we will update you on this shortly together with the list of garages and their fitting costs.

Credit Card Rental Scheme – a number of drivers across the UK and Ireland have requested a rental option for the contactless chip & pin device rather than purchasing outright. We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with our suppliers to provide a free device as part of a rental service that will cost £2 a week (£8 a month) with no tie in or contract.

Please note that this is for the device only, so London drivers will still need to purchase the fixed bracket and printer to comply with the new TfL regulations.

As there is a new Mayor and head of TfL, we have taken the opportunity once again to challenge the need for a mandatory fixed bracket and printer as we believe this to be an unnecessary cost and should be at the driver’s discretion. We await a response so we have been recommending that drivers wait a little longer before purchasing the bracket and printer just in case!

You can purchase the cab:app contactless device directly from the app. If you are interested in purchasing the bracket, the printer or would prefer the rental service then please email us with your name and address at ‘support@cabapp.net

Thank you to everyone in advance for your support and patience, as the long term success of cab:app will ultimately be determined by drivers.

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Mick Smith said...

What happens in the case of where drivers rent their cab
Who is responsible and bears the cost to be compliant by October

Editorial said...

It's pretty simple really
The owner, under COF must have a working machine fitted in rear
The driver, however is under no obligation to use the owners preferred equipment.
If you have you own portable device with your own account, nothing in any of TfLs regs to stop you using that.
But from October 3rd you will no longer have the right to refuse a card payment.